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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Many Stuffs and a Bit of Poetry

I have a lot of shit!!
Yes in my head too but mainly in my house.  When I say I... that refers to myself and my wife and kids.  My stuff is meaningful, precious and mostly used. (at least once a year).  Their stuff is well........excessive maybe?  Or bulky? Or....face it people they have a lot of shit too.  Yes we are moving and moving consists of boxes.
I have a lot of boxes too.  I have to admit I do have many stuffs.  When I met my wife I moved into her apartment.  Everything I owned fit into a Ford Ranger.  That equates to 2 tacos, a guitar and a box of business records, (the government says I need these for a few years) and I think there was some clothes in there too.  Not sure though, back then we were mostly naked. :)  Ahh memories!!!!

When we moved from there to a little house in the city limits she pulled the most stuff from a 2 bedroom 3rd floor apartment I have ever seen in my life.  We made multiple trips with a moving truck and a pick up.
I still believe to this day she was a bit of a magician and had a superior cloaking device for that apartment.  When we moved from that house to this house it was quick and didn't seem so bad.  We've been here going on 6 years and holy shit!  I need a semi truck now.  Just my cooking stuff alone would fill up a pick up truck.  May need a trailer on that truck too.  Hunting stuff?  2 trucks.  Gardening yard/work stuff?  Another truck please!!
Woodworking stuff?  keep 'em coming people.
Hey don't forget about the duck boat and the camper!  Through it all I am starting to enjoy it though.
House hunting has been a pretty negative experience with us and now I think it's finally turned for the better.

So I say pack your boxes and wrap your cups,
Change your address and fence in the pups.

Paint the walls and change the tile
The fireplace will surely bring a smile.

Parking in the garage stall
Raking leaves in the fall
On a ladder fixing shutters
Or Christmas lights on the gutters

Mowing grass
washing glass
picking weeds
simple needs.

These are the things that truly make A Simple Life!!!!

I bid you good night and farewell.  No overtime tomorrow so it's a date.  I'll bring the coffee you bring the reading glasses!

I think that should just about do it.  I got a lot of beer to buy though!

And the most important part of moving is.......

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  1. make lots of friends before you move!

    nice poem too!

    i am not sure that i ever want to move again...

    i know i will but too much stuff!


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