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Monday, May 2, 2011

Falling Like Rain, Awards That is!

Good Monday to you!

I have a special post today.  I have the honor of displaying two new awards I have been given.

The first from Bruce at Just Another Day in Paradise. 
The second comes from Pencil Girl who is a new blog that I just started following.
You should check them both out.  Great blogs!

These awards come with certain rules.
I have to make three rules as if I were an actual overlord.(King)
Describe a few things about myself most people don't know.
Pass these awards on to a certain number of others.

First things first
Rule # 1 Any one caught spitting their gum on the sidewalk will lose their tongue!

Rule # 2  Do not automatically reach for the salt and pepper!  I know how to cook.  Your over seasoning of my food is an insult.  Again loss of tongue because it apparently isn't working!

Rule # 3  If I ever catch anyone stealing a child's Halloween candy sack I will make you cut out your own tongue!

OK That's done.  There will be a few people walking around less their tongues now but hey they deserve it!

Now a few things about myself.

I love to cook all kinds of food but I am still a sucker for noodles in a bowl.  Add water, nuke, and enjoy.

If you make a bakers dozen of cookies I will eat 14.  Yeah you figure it out!

Everyone has a right to question me, often I am wrong, however if I'm right say so, it really does make a difference.  (except you people without tongues)

I love cats  (they taste like chicken)

I think God made beer to make up for screwing up the whole marriage thing.

None of this stuff either makes sense or is true because I am truly nuts!!!!!!!

That's enough lists for now.  As for passing awards I will have to delay that for a few more days.  I need to check around and see who has awards and who doesn't.  My first one was so cool and I'd love to repay that to some other award virgin.

To finish out my thank you post I have one more rule that would probably just make you laugh but here goes;

No mowing the lawn with a custom sling so you can carry your dog.  Mr macho motorcycle neighbor of mine who wears a black shirt and long pants no matter what season/temp it is!

(actual picture taken thru the window from right here at my desk)

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh man, that picture is not cool at all. I think I'd have to put a nail in his lawn mower tire to put an end to that behavior.

    Congrats on the award!


  2. Amen on the beer thing.

    And congrats on the award!!!

  3. I like your rules and obviously need a sling for my dog.

  4. awesome...congrats...i like number 4 the best!

    and automatically reaching for the S&P is criminal...

  5. I feel bad because I think you gave me the delete button when I made the comment about the dog in the photo being a chew toy for my Saints. Maybe you didn't get who it was from the name change. This is Amy (the Goal Keeper's Mom).

  6. "I think God made beer to make up for screwing up the whole marriage thing."

    That line is brilliant. Can I get a plaque of this and hang it on my wall?

  7. Be careful with those cats. Cats may get your tongue!


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