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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten!

Hola mi amigos!
El dia es el cinco de mayo!

Of course I don't translate correctly!  haven't you read The beautiful Jarra ?
Today is cinco de mayo.  The 5th of May!  Which just happens to fall on a Thursday.

Feliz jueves sediento!!!!!!!!  (Happy Thirsty Thursday)

No I'm not of Latin origin!  Duh You've seen my pictures!  But in honor of Cinco de Mayo I am celebrating this very Thirsty Thursday with............A six pack of Dos Equis    XX  Yummmmm
My favorite south of the border cervacez! (beer)
Yo me gusto bebar el cervacez!!!!!( I like to drink beer)  If you just say it like it reads they will understand.  It's not grammatically correct but hey we Americans don't speak correct anyways.
He comido Mexican dos veces esta semana (I've eaten Mexican twice this week) Tacos and Fajitas and now a six pack of Mexican beer.  PHHhhht.  oops excuse me!

I've spent the last hour catching up on blogs I follow and dropping a comment here and there.  Sorry folks
parks closed I don't have much stamina for blogging on the weekdays after shitville work.  I've killed three beers already.  I knew I should have bought more.  Dammit!

I have some awards to pass along:
The stylish blogger award I am passing on to:

Core contrarian at Semi Coherent Thoughts
Larry at Big Dudes Eclectic Ramblings
Vickie at Part Three
The rules for this award are name a few things about yourself we don't know and pass this ward to a few others.
If you want to pass it on then by all means do so.  If not that's OK with me too.  Paste it up on your site and enjoy! 
And for something out of tradition..............

The Overlord award I will pass on to:
Amy from Mines A Keeper
Mike from work duh!
Dad the guy who thinks I'm so bright he calls me son

Here is the rules for the overlord award for people without blogs.
You must give me 3 laws/rules that you would make if you were overlord (king/queen)
List three things about yourself! (something interesting please not "I am a guy who works"!)
To do that simply send me an email at bushmanjeffrey@yahoo.com or message me on facebook.
I will give you all a guest post with your response (s)  Should be kinda fun!  You can also comment here but it may get lost in the hoopla.  The other way you'll have your own post to link back to. 

Ok people my computer is killing me.  I lost all "my blogs I follow" on my dashboard.  So if you think I'm ignoring you I'm not.  I just don't have easy access anymore.  I went to your sites and I am still there as a follower but not on my dashboard.  I'm kinda pissed.  It took me this long (6 beers) just to get posted what I have already.  Yeah it's bad!  I really need some help with my pc.  Now that I am out of beer (and peeing every 15 minutes) I will have to switch to either Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, Lemonade, Mt. Dew, Lipton Citrus Tea, milk, or water or I could simply uncork that bottle of Port resting in the fridge.

Do you know anything about Port?  I didn't until recently.  Port was derived from the longstanding feud between England and France.  France had the best wine but they were fighting with England and so they had a bit of a wine shortage.  So the English went to PORTugal to find wine.  They found some on the coast but had to dig deeper inland to find more but by the time they got it back to England the wine was spoiling.
So they started adding Brandy to the wine to "hold" it on it's journey.  The Brandy stopped fermentation halfway thru the process by halting the yeasts' attack on the sugars.  This resulted in half of the sugars remaining in the bottle plus Brandy being added.  It was simply a preservative process.
The resulting sugars gave the bottle a sweeter taste and now many know it as a desert wine.  Be careful tho it is about 26-38 % ABV.  Not your standard wine!  Cheers! (Brandy..you're a fine girl what a good wife you would be)  Ok bottle open and glass poured.  Whew! good stuff.  Nice cherry and definitely Brandy! (my life my love and my lady)

On to better things.... It seems as though I have traversed the Atlantic in a single evening from Mexico to Portugal.  I don't know any Portuguese.  Sorry  The Portuguese celebrate the 6th of May (with a headache I presume)

OK you asked for it.  here is my Top Ten of the week.  Good or bad you decide.

#1--Baby Joe Joe had his official college signing on Monday.  (now I'm officially broke)

#2-- Baby Kaitlin scored her first high school goal in soccer (freshman on the varsity squad)

#3--Had to extend the closing on the house to the end of the month.  (in her defense she never specified
                                                                                                         ( what month)
#4--I was given two awards this week on this blog    ( didn't even have to pay for it)

#5--American idol is down to the final 5 fruitcakes contestants (if they don't vote off the male diva I'm done)

#6--We got our bonus check today ($425 but they lumped it in with our paycheck so Uncle Sam is happy)

#7--With said bonus I was finally able to get some parts for my car (headlights are kinda nice in the dark)

#8--I have some new followers... Amy and Mike.. welcome to crazydom!

#9--Sam Adams is definitely not Portuguese!!!!!!!

 #10--Hapi 5thsh of mayo in the sink I luv yu missus portuguss lady.............

And so concludes my tale.  Tho it heralded no frivolous stories nor any fables of might (or placenta) however if my  existence were so outstanding all of the time I would not be here to regale in the past with my fellow cyber friends.  You too mike!

Until next time
Hasta Luego Mi Amigos!

I almost forgot this breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I know you've seen it before but I'm still pissed at the bank!!!!!!


  1. I guess the award is cool. Congrats.

  2. happy cinco de drunko!

    dos equis! yummy

  3. Way to go Joe & Kaitlin for this week's triumphs. Sucks about the house closing. Can't imagine living out of boxes for this long. Thanks for the award, will have to think things out and get my mail out to you!


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