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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rant like a mofo and then delete!

Hello out there in blog land!  Just a quicky (I'm good at those).  My blog reader is finally functioning again so I am truly sorry if I missed some of your posts.  In fact some of your comments went unnoticed until now as well.  My blog has STDs or something.  Stupid shittin thing!
I'll catch up on the reading this weekend so expect some late comments.  I'm just too tired to sit here and read them.  I practically fall asleep typing my own blogs after work let alone sitting still and just reading.

Well I had a big long rant all typed out but I just deleted it.  My landlord stopped by and said I have to either sign a lease June 1st or get out.  So I was typing out all the reasons why I hate him and how bad he has screwed me over in the last 5 years but I erased it.  You don't want to hear that crap.

Lets just say I'm slightly more than pissed.  I did hear from the bank today, on the new house, that the bids are in process for the septic they are just waiting for them to get back.  Then the bank will approve and diggity dig time.
It just need to go faster now that I'm about to be homeless.
So I'm glad tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday and I'm glad the Wings won last night and I really hope they can win again and I can keep my cool as well as my wife.
I will be happy when I have about 6 beers in my belly and then I can begin to blog proper and perhaps without so much hate.
Until then.


  1. I hope everything works out ok on the house and you can get in before you get kicked out.

    And I watched the Wings game, and I was impressed.

  2. Hard to believe with all the homes for sale, you're having so much trouble buying one. I'd think someone would be jumping through hoops to get your name on the bottom line.

  3. Can;t you just get a month to month lease from the guy? We used to have apartments, and we wouldn't let a new person in on MTM, but an existing tenant could stay a month or 2 longer. It's easier to rent in August, anyway, in my experience.

  4. so . . . are you going to live in your car? What will the dogs think of this?


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