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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten (delayed)

Hello and welcome to Thirsty Thursday and my top ten!

Blogger is down and out right now, probably ate the same crap from the lunch guy I did yesterday.

I swear every time I eat that guys food I get a bad stomach. The thing is he’s clever enough that I forget between purchases. See I take my lunch and my breakfast to work every day. Usually I eat a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch every morning at 9 o’ clock break. For lunch, generally leftovers from the previous nights dinners. Sometimes though I just don’t have any cereal or leftovers so I buy from the guy who shows up every day in the lunchroom festooned with all sorts of poisonous goodies. Yesterday I ordered the hamburger steak with gravy and mashed taters and apple sauce. Seemed to taste all right but 24 hours later look out! Same with the breakfast, I think the eggs are tainted. (Tainted eggs come from ...you guessed it the chicken taint.) Ewwww I just grossed myself out! So now I’m like,” I am not eating that crap again but in two months when I don’t have a lunch I’ll order and 24 hours later I will treat myself to a helluva good anal workout!

Enough about anal workouts it’s Thirsty Thursday. My beer for today I the wonderfully smooth and refreshing Rolling Rock! “From the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe”! I picked this beer because it was hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon today and I just didn’t feel like anything heavy. However I did also pick up another green, six pack just in case my liver was altogether functioning to well! Say hello to my little Heineken! I do cherish Heinies and beer. My old friend Jerry and I used to cut a few lawns together as a side job and when we were finished we would head to his place for a couple’’ green beers’’ as we called them.

Well I’ve taken care of the thirsty part of the post shall we move on to my top ten. Good or bad you decide!

#1 Feels like summer has finally arrived (and with it dandelions, mosquitos and monkey butt)

#2 Apparently bids are in the process for the replacement of septic system on new house. (Will they be
      In time?)
#3 A couple new followers: Lori P.  and Mynx from her blog Dribble.  A really neat site.  While your there,  
     and you will go there because I said so, there is something else you might discover.  Perhaps another   
     blog.  My wife would love it!

#4 Haven’t spoke to my father in a couple weeks. (he says he’ll call me but he doesn’t)

#5  If #4 doesn’t guilt him into calling like he said he would then I will stop drinking beer forever or 3 seconds which ever comes first)

#6 With the advent of the hot humid weather, seriously reconsidering sweat absorbers for guys underwear. (Just cuz I got 2 legs doesn’t mean the Ts have to stick to separate legs, it’s hard to walk that way)

#7 Possible eviction notice from landlord forthcoming. (he says I have to sign a lease June 1st or…)

#8 My yellow dog has learned a new trick. (Shedding hair faster than a terrorist collecting on Osama’s life
      insurance claim)

#9 After 3 RRs I have a very nice glow. (Got to love hot humid weather and sweating your ba.…see #6)

#10 Last but never least my wife posted on Facebook about how she feels about landlord and she forgot she
       was friends with him and his wife! (Damn Facebook, really what is it good for?)

That was fun. Sometimes I have to really think hard about what has just transpired in the last 7 days.
Today it just poured from my head like condoms from Brittany Spears' purse.

I think I will create an award and title it Top Ten. Recipients will have to recreate my Thirsty Thursday posts and top ten in their style for 2 Thursdays in a row.

Now if I can remember to change my weekly blog post I’ll be doing well. ( I had good instead of well but MS says it should be well)

I’m working off of Microsoft Works right now. It hounds me constantly on misspelled words and run on sentences with these cursed squiggly lines. So red is misspelled and blue is what again? Of course green is like a prepositional cluster fuck but who really cares.

Here is something that bugs me. I watch chopped on the Food Network. I love that show it is pretty cool. They take whacky ingredients and put them in a basket and you have to make a meal out of it. Appetizer, then entrĂ©e and lastly a desert. What annoys me is every episode some dumptruck has to make an arugula salad. C’mon don’t ya watch the show? Everyone makes an arugula salad. It must be the Budweiser of salads or something. Stop copping out with the arugula you jack wagons!

Ok this post is long enough. I’ll have to wait for blogger to finish it’s anal work out but it will show up eventually. Perhaps if I make it to the “green beer” I may add a little something!

Until next time,

(it's been a few hours now and blogger is fixed (obviously) but Dad has called even tho he cut me short and said he would call back which he hasn't, I did make it to the green beers but daughter had friends over so I had to behave)

A picture of our traditional chimney fire at deer camp.  We find a big hollow log and cut it up and fill it with kindling then light it.  Then we pour in used oil from cooking to make it.....well you can see below.
I liked this picture because it makes me smile and I need something positive to think about!

A quick add on.  My weekly favorite post (top right) has more pictures of above fire and a little bit of deer camp and baby Joe Joe!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I guess the "something else" you were hinting at is my other blog. Lots of good reading there for wives and hubbys lol

  2. Mynx is a great lady! I love her blog. And this one. That Top Ten award idea is great. Do it!


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