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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Moving Day!

The box was heavy and my fingers were weakening.  Desperately I hurried through the labyrinth of boxes, piles of clothes and of course two dogs who were despondent to any harsh commands and just barely aware of the sharp toe of a sneaker.  I wasn't going to make it and the contents of the box would spill all over the wet deck and the walnut husk stained, concrete driveway.  The trailer was in sight, the rusty chunk of metal that passed for a fender was more like an oasis in the middle of the desert.  Almost, almost there and then they let go,  in a wink 7 or 8 yrs of my life spilled from my exhausted hands, fluttering past my cranky knees and sprawled themselves all over the ground soaking up the rain from the recently passing shower.
The only memories of my childhood lay in puddles of rain and in slow motion I watched as my 6 yr old face warped and turned purple as the photo absorbed the rain drops which now looked like millions of little soldiers sent to kill off any residual recollections I may have had from my early years. 
Gone, all gone.  My reflexes made a feeble attempt at a capture, however they are weak and slow from the countless stairs and boxes upon boxes and that horrible hide a bed.  I manage to only snag a progress report from the 3rd grade.  "Jeffrey is making improvements rapidly, soon he will be able make coherent sounds and possibly put his jacket on right side out." 
Humpfff!  I let that one fall back with the others.  Damn childhood anyways!

Hey there and welcome to Sunday Salutations!
I am currently typing from a house that is about 99% empty.  The clicks and clacks of the keyboard are resonating against the walls and echoing throughout the lower level of the house.  It sounds very cold.
The only things left are cobwebs in the corners clinging to their footholds as they have for awhile now.  Secretly hoping we won't see them and whisk them away with the broom. 
My computer station is devoid of any printer and all my little post it notes with a hundred recipes scattered all over the station are now packed away.  Should I choose to write down any notes I will have to do it in blood, on the wall, using an empty tube of Chapstick and a missed push pin with a blue head on it.

The windows are stark naked and add to the "medicinal" qualities of the empty house. 
The rooms that once held piles of teenage attire and that unmistakable smell of adolescence are vacant and now lifeless.  All those times I told them to clean their rooms and what I wouldn't give to have them "dirty" just once more.  For old time's sake.

The joys of moving.  I really didn't drop any boxes it was just a bit of writing to catch your attention.  We managed to get almost everything moved into storage yesterday.  Friday was spent packing and boxing and Saturday the muscle moved in.  A big thanks to friends and family for all their help.  From storage space to tandem axle trailers, pick up trucks and plain old grit and determination we knocked the tar out of this place.
Wonderful people you are!

As much as I have grown to detest this place and namely the proprietor of this rental, there is a lot of memories in these rooms and on this quaint little 2 acres.  It is sad to leave in this state of mind.
I just keep looking forward and am extremely eager to start new memories in a new house.  God willing that we are fortunate enough to make that happen and not be stuck in house purgatory all summer!

On a side note I have found a way to get my comments out for now anyways.  I had to uncheck the keep me signed in box on the account sign in page and that allowed me to leave comments on your posts.

The computer will be shut down momentarily however our friend is a computer guru at Michigan State University so I'm thinking it won't be long before I am up and running again. 
Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend and we'll talk soon!


  1. You are such an entertaining writer! Good luck in your journey to the new house. "Ugh ... moving" is always fun when it changes to "Yeah..moved!!"

  2. Here's hoping you don't have to spend too long in limbo. Good luck and hurry back

  3. We just were forced to move ourselves into a little cottage due to some hardships. Half is in storage too. We just do whatever it takes until we get on our feet. Good luck to you!

  4. What a great start to this post - I was riveted in my seat and feeling just such sadness at the loss of your photos and childhood mementos, lying there soaking up the water.

    Great piece of writing - even better that is was fiction!

    I'm happy that all seemingly went well with the move and hopefully you will be settled soon and back at your keyboard.

    Until then, be happy and take things slow and easy!

    Cheers, Jenny

  5. Wonderful writing!!

    Good luck with the moving. I hate moving.

    Karma Is...

  6. I agree with the others, that's some fine writing you've got here. I only have 1 scrapbook that my parents made of me as a child, and if that washed away, I'd have no proof that I was at one time 'cute.'

  7. My daughter figured out the stay signed in box thingy for me the other day.


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