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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten!

Well what'ya know I made it after all!
I wasn't expecting to post for awhile but my dear friend Rachel has given me the top secret, decoder ring enabling, rummikube triominos solving, Dick Clark of the century password to her computer.
Wanna know what it is?.........................I bet you do!
This week has been the week of weeks for me in the still young year of 2011.  I won't recap right now but lets just say its been a heck of a ride. 
As I sit here typing on a strange little device called a laptop with its itty bitty keys and my bad eyes,
I can't help but think back on what has happened in these short 6 months.  What a load!

I won't bore you with my ruminations but I will tell you this; there has been some strange going ons round here! 
Our "house" the one we have been drooling over for 4 months and doing every thing in our power to get closed had a turn of fate on Tuesday but let's back up.  I know I said I wouldn't bore you but I lied but I will give you the Cliff Notes version.  Here goes pay attention I don't type well

Landlord said sign lease or get out, we thought about making him evict us hoping the house would finally close.  We said screw it and moved out, putting every thing in storage and moving in with Rachel (above mentioned computer girl).  After busting butt all Memorial day weekend we finished up moving and went to work on Tuesday only to be rewarded with an email stating the bank will not pay for septic repairs on our beloved soon to be house.  Hmmmmmmmm..beer.Hmmmmm.beer etc, etc,etc
So in the meantime we had already kind of looked at some other houses and found a nice one so we met realtor lady last night and saw the house and absolutely fell in love with it.  Even better than the other one.  We made an offer last night.  They accepted this morning.  So my realtor sent the contract to the other realtor and we found out she was out of town. (yep just my luck) but lo and behold being the smart realtor lady that she is there is a back up realtor to take her stead.  The back up realtor( totally serious because you can't make this shit up) is my extremely recent landlord who just got finished with his impromptu eviction!  Hmmmmmmm..beer..Hmmmmmm..beer!
So My realtor faxes over the "stuff" before she realizes who it is and presto changeo, numb nuts is back in my life again.  However he presented the offer and  the seller accepted it... which makes me happy I didn't trash the rental house when I left.  But still C'mon WTF!

Ok without further ado my beer of the week is once again Rolling Rock and I have already finished a six pack and have cracked open a fresh Miller Lite.  It was really hot here and I switched over to a lighter beer for "heat drinking" if you will.  7 beers into a blog post might just burn out the spell check on dear Rachel's computer.  We'll see.

Now for the top ten!!

#1  Moved out of house completely......managed to leave the cats behind for dear old landlord!
#2  Bank would not pay for septic repair...deal is capoot!
#3  Found a new house....made an offer
#4  Seller accepted......I am more excited than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!
#5  Please stop the homeless jokes people they really aren't that funny anymore!
#6  Remmi and Gunner have a new friend named Sadie....they are boys she is a girl.  Yep its a dorgi!
#7  I discovered I can keep enough groceries at work to make breakfast and lunch all week long!
#8  Baby Joe Joe graduates tomorrow at The Breslin Center.....grey hair makes sense now.
#9  Dear friend Rachel had a Birthday this week.....she is somewhere between the ages of 12 and 128!
#10 For anyone who's listening, reading, thinking, watching or just passing by..give us a thought on
       our new venture.  We could use a break about right now....I'm pretty tired!

Thanks for stopping by I will keep in touch and Bruce if your out there...Miss ya buddy!


  1. Hope all goes well for you. We both could use some good karma it sounds.

  2. Well I hope everything goes well for ya. In the mean time keep drinking the beer.

  3. i drank a loty of beer tonight...

    hmmmmmm beer..

  4. Truth is stranger than fiction. And THIS is a much better way to rub the old landlord's nose in it than trashing the old place. C'mon think about it ... this is comedy gold!

    AND you ever found the rock that Bruce was hiding under ... does it get better than this?

    There's nothing better than moving into a house that you are in love with ... well maybe sex, and possibly tequila ... but you know what I mean.

  5. prefer a wine to beer tonight but I shall raise my glass to you and your good fortune.
    Hope everything goes well with moving in

  6. I'm very happy that things are turning a corner for you guys. Hoping you a speedy transition period into your "new" new house.

  7. WooHoo!! I hope things go well through the next stage -it's a crazy lot of crap you have to go through to finance a home these days. In any case, congratulations!!
    P.S. I'm impressed you can drink and blog. :)


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