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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My top Ten

Hello and welcome to Thirsty Thursday and my Top Ten.
I haven't posted since last Thursday but what the hell I'm sure you have plenty to read and don't need me for a filler.  Things are going swell and I couldn't ask for better.

Baby Joe Joe's open house went well.  Good turn out, good food and the little schmuck made almost 3 thousand dollars from it.  Which is good because it cost us parents half of that just to have it.  A big thanks to all who helped out and those who blessed us with their appearance.  Except for the Jehovah Witness who showed up and handed out flyers.  You are not thanked.  Consider this a warning.
Thankfully it was before the appointed start time because I might have been just a wee bit upset.
Baby Joe Joe's birthday was also this week and he is now officially Adult Joe Joe.  18 is the big number.
Wouldn't you know it the grays and whites really started popping in my hair and goatee now too. 

Well the beer for the night is Newcastle Brown Ale.  Imported from England and very tasty.  If you haven't tried it you probably should.  It has a smooth flavor with nice caramel undertones.

Here is the Top Ten for the week good or bad you decide:

#1  Closing on the house Friday July 1.........(it's about fu$%in time)
#2  Closing on the house on July 1.........(no house payment due until September)
#3  Closing on the house next friday.......(I have scheduled my vacation for the week following 10 days)
#4  Closing on the house a week from tomorrow......(no.....this doesn't get old)
#5  Closing on the house in 8 days.........................(finally something new to blog about)
#6  Closing on the house in 1 week and 1 day........(Sorry Rachel I know you only switched jobs so you
              could be home to enjoy my cooking)
#7  Closing on the house in 192 hours.................(Thought I was gonna run out didn't ya?)
#8  Closing on the house in .........................(Ok I'm done)
#9  Did you hear the one about the guy who was closing on his house?
#10  And last but not least................I'm Moving Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for suffering through that.  I'll leave you alone now.  I'll try to keep up with all you professional bloggers but you know sometimes I like to wander.  See ya when I see ya!!


  1. Did I hear you correctly in that you are closing on the house soon? lol

  2. Oh and I got my copy of your book in the mail today so hopefully I will be able to get it to you next week.

  3. Ya movin'?
    Holy crap! It's July next week!
    And you're closing.

  4. What? You bought a new house? Congrats!

  5. Yay on closing on the house. So when was that happening?

  6. If I'm getting this right, you're closing on your house. Or maybe I missed something.

    I love a good Newcastle, too. Great beer.

  7. Just curious, when do you guys close?


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