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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

I missed a few things yesterday so I had to add them in this morning!
Check out my post of the week....it's a good one from last year.

Hello and welcome to Thirsty Thursday and my Top Ten!
I must say it's been a good week.  Lots of good things happening and I'm just gonna let 'em.
I think I'll start today's post with a little story, not like the one from yesterday with the pregnant lady and all that jazz because that was completely made up.  Sorry I had an impulse writing day which consists of writing down the first thing that pops in my head then making a story out of it.
Any who this one is about a guy at work.  There are lots of guys at work that are not wrapped too tight or as they say about as sharp as a marble.  This particular guy is pretty sharp but is wrapped a bit too tight.  A solid dose of Ritalin everyday might knock him down to very hyper.  His name is Van.  Yep Van.  If he was small we could have a blast calling him mini-van but he's not.  I won't disclose last names but Van is a funny Mother%$#@*;. 
I was asking about bug control the other day and the topic of bug lights came up.  Van had apparently gotten his hands on a commercial grade 4 foot long bug zapper that was shaped sort of like an everyday fluorescent light.  He had to remove the guard on it to repair it and hung it outside that way without re- assembly.
He came home one day to find his wife and her friend outside drinking up all the beer in the house and having a good old time.  Well perhaps jealousy or just plain ol grumpiness got the best of him and he stated ranting and raving about beer cans everywhere and this and that.  As he was expressing his feelings he was also stooping over to pick up the empties.  When he stood up the back of his neck touched the bug zapper and CRACK knocked him right out and he crashed to the deck in a puddle of empty beer cans.  It was the funniest thing I had heard all week and figured I better share.  He also said when he came to moments later the girls were still hysterical with laughter and tears flooding their cheeks.  Touche' for grumpiness.

Next in line for an honorable mention is I won a giveaway here in the blogger world.  Oilfield Trash over at Make Daddy A Sammich recently advertised that his friend had published his first book.  Anyone that wanted a free copy, compliments of Oil, should simply state Free Zombie.  I did and I won the book.  How fricking cool is that.  Now get your ass over to Oil's house and check his place out.  Tell 'em Bushman sent you and also check out his pimp from the other day on  Just Cheese.

Ok let's get serious here.  Beer: Killian's Irish Red.  An old stand by.  I stopped  at different store and this was the best I could find.  I picked up a 6 of Shiner Bock last night and lost 4 of them.  A very smooth beer but I really expected more flavor.  I guess the word dark on the label had me pre-conceived.

Next in line----Top Ten
#1  House appraisal is finished and in the hands of underwriter.  Possible close date of next Thursday or
      Friday.................(Ima hoping)
#2  I won the Zombie book.......(no explanation needed...eat your heart out losers)
#3  I have a new toy for throwing tennis balls for dogs.......(thank you dear Rachel)
#4  They finally graded the road......(then it stormed....shit)
#5  My fake story from Wednesday seemed to throw everyone for a loop....(yeah I'm loving it)
#6  Big day coming on Saturday......(Baby Joe Joe's open house)
#7  Rachel said she is gonna screw up my closing so I can't move out...(yeah it's not dear Rachel anymore)
#8  Crazy neighbor must have died......(our lawn looks better than his now so I think he is in hiding)
#9  Hello to a new follower The Angry Lurker welcome to the blog....(guys got some cool shit check it out)
#10  I now have as many mosquito bytes as my computer had mega bytes....(did I get that right?)

And with all that said I think I'll shut up and drink my beer and enjoy this blissful moment.  You just never know when it's gonna go to hell again.  Not just the weather either.
Until next time.......

Big PS
As I was linking up the post the crazy neighbors cat came out with the skanky neighbor wife and guess who seen it..Remmi of course and he takes off on a dead run and chases the cat thru their garage and around the house.  Next thing I know his son is running after my dog and comes running up to me (within inches) and starts screaming that he will break my dog's neck and break my neck and then the nasty old broad tells me I need my dogs on a leash (were ten miles out in the country).  Not the cat but just the dogs.  So how I managed to look him square in the eyes and say I'm sorry my dog chased your cat and calmly walked away is beyond me.  Perhaps George Killian had me at just the right level.  Cuz now I'm ready to kill the little fucker!


  1. Yay for being one step closer to the house.

  2. Congrats for winning the Zombie book, and good luck with the house closing date, that's very good news.

    OH, and you're a BRAT! lol ... but it was a good story ;) Had me going.

  3. You are this week's Caption My Freaky Photo Winner! Congrats!!

  4. Congrats on winning the zombie book. Now you'll have to host a barbecue for the undead. I hear they like "Brains Flambe."

  5. email me your postal address to info@redpepa.za.net

  6. That story was great. I bribed Oilfield Trash and I still didn't win the book. Thanks for the plug.


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