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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Salutations and A Rubber Frog!

Sunday Salutations to you my dear readers and you too Jim!
Today is the beginning of the last week of Summer.  At least that's how I count it.
September to me is Autumn.  October is Fall and November is Falltumn.  December is snow and yeah it goes downhill form there. 
I have a three day work week ahead of me.  Thursday is opening day of the early goose season here in unemployed land beautiful Michigan.  I plan on watching the sunrise in some farmer's field tucked away in my layout blind surrounded by a couple dozen goose decoys.  Something like this but without the garage.

Yes that is a layout blind.  It has flaps that you open and you lay down in it on your back and pull the flaps over you.  When and if the geese try to land in your decoy spread you pop out of the blind and shoot.
You really ought to see the look in their eyes when you pop out of that blind.  It's kinda like the Culkin kid from Home Alone when he slaps his hands to his cheeks but now picture him saying OH SHIZZ!

So yesterday I was able to finish the duck boat project.  Then I pulled all the stuff you see in the first picture out of the shed and organized it.  I don't have much money so I have to use the resources I have at hand.  For instance on the duck boat I ask an old lady out in the country if I can cut down some of her cattails to use as camo on the boat rather than buying the stuff they make.  One year I had only enough money to buy a dozen duck decoys but not enough to buy weights for them so they just don't float away.  My fix was to tie old wrenches and sockets to a string attached to the decoy.  Heck there was even an old shut off valve for a washing machine tied to one of them.  Being a little more crafty this year I collected some used wheel weights off the tires at work, being made of lead they are compact and easy to work with.  I untied all of the wrenches, etc. and replaced them with wheel weights.  My wife would call it redneck or hillbilly but I call it innovative.
  I also conned her into helping clean up the side yard of all the wood and debris that I cut down.

I will be planting new grass in this area soon it was all trees and brush before also a dumping ground for previous homeowners.  Stuff like an oil filter, a handsaw, golf club, broken beer bottles, a rubber frog.  Yes a rubber frog.  It takes batteries I think and the legs will move possibly making it swim or jump.  All I know is I saved it and will be tying a string to it and placing it in the cupboard door to scare the hell out of my wife when she opens the door for a cup.  Should keep me in the doghouse for awhile which is OK because that means I can do whatever I please because she doesn't want to be around me.  Some things are planned this way you know.
By the way isn't that a fine looking yellow dog? 
I found a way around the whole picture to computer thing.  I take a pic with my phone and then send it to my wife's phone and then I grab her phone and send it to my email and then I save it to the computer and then you get to see it.  It's true I do care about you.  Maybe one day I'll get the phone fixed or a computer that will actually pull right from the phone via cord but for now it's this way or no way.
Have a great week and enjoy the last week of summer.

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  1. no way will i surrender to the seasons!

    i have decided to wear shorts until there is snow that stays on the ground!

    well... mebbe not, but a guy can dream.

    i love the analogy of the home alone thing!

    redneck, hillbilly,backwoods, podunk...whatever...

    all those words mean innovative...

    one word for your wife...


    moonshine led to Jack and Jim...

    yeah, we can thank the hillbilly rednecks backwoods guys for that!

    peace out bro! great Sunday post as usual!


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