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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Quick Saturday Update

Another fine Saturday morning sitting at the computer.  I had to stop by and clean up a little.  The old blog needed a shave.  A little updating as well and were back on track. 
I changed my picture (as if you couldn't tell) in anticipation of early goose season.
I also updated my post of the week which I haven't done in ages.  I usually update that every Thursday by delving into my prior 256 posts and picking one of my favorites and pinning it up on the board.  This particular post was about the scarecrow I built. 
I also updated my blog list in case you didn't see your blog on there.  If it's not there and you'd like to see it shoot me a comment or follow me.  We'll make something happen.
I've been thinking a lot about the deer season this year and how I would like to change the location.  I was thinking something a bit closer and maybe a few more deer.  The only problem is I need to find time to get up North and scout some potential sites.  There are a lot of people that go north for the deer season and you don't want to set up just down the trail from another camp.  You need to find a good area and then search it extensively for signs of previous encampments.  This could be small clearings off the two track, trash (unfortunately), hunting blinds, buck poles and usually the dead giveaway is a rock lined fire pit.
I have roughly 2 months to get it done.  Wish me luck.
Scanning thru my stats I discovered that the most page views on one post was How to build a duck boat   with 1256 page views.
Hopefully at least one person was able to use some of my ideas.  My all time page views rang in at around 12,000.  It's kinda neat when you realize that many people are checking out your junk.  No not that junk!
Of course I realize that many google searchers never read what pops up but some do and that's cool enough for me.
Today's agenda consists of finishing the new design on the duck boat (constant state of design and changes) and cleaning up the side yard where I cut the tree down.  I attacked it again yesterday after work and cleared out a bunch more limbs.  I opened it up quite a bit and will be able to extend my side yard by 15 foot or so.
Yesterday after work I also mowed the lawn and the tractor was running so good I double cut it and now it is nice and smooth and has great stripes.  Yes you can stripe your own lawn with a regular mower.  Just go back and forth instead of a circle.  The sun reflects off the grass and the stripes show because the grass is leaning two different directions when you mow back and forth.  Pretty simple stuff.  When we were staying with Rachel (while waiting on house to close) I mowed her yard for her and I'll never forget when she came home and was so surprised that her yard could "do stripes"!
Well enough about yard work and stripes.  I have things to do and beer to drink!
In honor of deer camp here is a pic from last years'

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  1. I love eating duck if it's cooked right. Mmm Mmmm Good! Cool pictures!


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