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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and my Top Ten

Once upon a time in a land just around the corner lived a pudgy, middle aged man.  He was quite content to spend his days in solitude, whistling away the day as he tinkered with this and that on his much beloved home.  Spending hours in a lawn chair daydreaming of big, beautiful, bountiful gardens in the Spring and Fall and hanging Christmas lights from the eaves and admiring them from the front yard while snowflakes float gently around him.  He dreams of the grandest planting beds and gorgeous landscapes that will soon surround his home.  Flowers of every shape and color adorn every nook, cranny and crevice of his little one acre dream.  In fact he is so busy dreaming and planning he doesn't even pay much attention to his blog.  In fact sometimes it seems as though that darned old thing just gets in the way.  His time would be better spent raking or digging a koi pond or actually putting forth an effort to trap the chipmunk living under his front porch.  In fact he has started to grow fond of Chippy.  The proof has already been lodged into his brain just by giving it a name.  He smiles first when he sees Chippy and scowls second when thinking of the possible damage the little creature is doing under the porch.  He likes Chippy and knows that it is not Chippy's fault that he needs to be relocated.  Some things just are.... what they are. 
He does know that writing is a passion and a love held deep inside and that to quit is all but impossible.  He also believes that sometimes the tank doesn't always stay full and a little work is necessary to bring it all to fruition.  He smiles.  The day is beautiful.  The sun is out and the warmth of the rays warm his cheek.  He laughs at his dogs who are rolling and playing in the grass.  Life is good and he appreciates it.  He does not take it for granted and knows that sacrifices are sometimes needed. 
He unwraps a fine Honduran cigar and holds it to his nose.  The smell is calming and he closes his eyes and pictures the men and women rolling cigars and stacks of sweet smelling tobacco leaves piled high just behind their rolling tables.  He can almost smell the vanilla and the leather and the spice that all good tobacco leaves have.  He cuts off the end ever so delicately.  Taking his time and finding the perfect place to remove the cap.  The match flames and once the sulfur has burned from the end he holds the cigar over the flame, not too close but just enough to light the wrapper.  He draws deeply and puffs a cloud of smoke into the air.

Wait a minute....WTF am I doing on the computer it's time to go outside and do all of the above. 
Welcome to Thirsty Thursday and my Top Ten.
Today I am drinking beer.  Yeah I know go figure.  It is a leftover beer night.  Need to clean house a bit.  I have a couple Labatt Blue Light, a few Miller Lite and a couple of Point 12s to cap it off if so needed.  Probably not because I have a little OT to get through tomorrow at work.  They wanna give it, I'm gonna take it!

Top Ten good or bad you decide......

#1  They re-stoned our road today...(first they tar it then they cover it in pea stone...at least it slows 'em down)
#2  The mosquitoes have abated about 10%...(now there are tens of millions instead of hundreds of)
#3  Overtime tomorrow...(takes away from my Friday but hey who can't use the dough)
#4  Watched the movie Going the Distance the other day...(hilarious but now my new word is.. Dick Milk)
#5  We had a pig roast at work today and it was bring a dish to pass..(I made a Chipolte BBQ sauce and   
       it was killer)
#6  The giant propane tank is getting low...(winter is right around the corner and it costs almost a grand to fill
       it up)
#7  The temps are in the 70s right now...( Fall is almost here.  I love it)
#8  Yes Julie I'm not above cutting my toenails at work...(you should have just walked away, never stop
       when my socks are off)
#9   I wasn't really cutting my toenails I had a splinter...(after the splinter came out then I cut my nails)
#10 My wife is very dear to me and I almost never show it so honey you get number 10 I love you!...(10 is  
        best on my Thirsty Thursday scale)

 Remember...take it easy out there.  Life can be pretty cool if you let it.



  1. I watched Going the Distance the other day too and had to look up the sneezing baby panda video they watched. And #10 is so sweet. Did your wife hijack the post? (kidding)

  2. Love your blogs. And I could not believe it you really did post that. LOL


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