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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures of my wood???????????????

Just an update on the tree cutting from the other day.
I stacked all the wood on Sunday and ended up just shy of 2 face cord.  Quite a bit from one tree.
Here are some of the pics I took
The tree is the one that Tony is hooking the climber to.  As you can see it narrowly misses the propane tank and the corner of the garage.  It landed just about where my car is sitting.
Here is the pile of split wood.

Here is the wood all stacked.  There is two rows. 4ft tall and eight foot long.  Just the corner is missing on each row to make two full face cords.

And my last pic is of my two best friends who probably feel neglected on this blog because I haven't included them much.  I'm a mean papa!

Thanks for stopping by an looking at my wood.  (snicker)

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