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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Salutations and if a Tree Falls in the Woods?

Good morning and Sunday Salutations to you!

This morning I woke up very stiff.  (snicker)  My back you perv!  Seems as though cutting down one tree and splitting it into firewood makes your back hurt.  Go figure.
Oh well it was a good honest days worth of work and I could use a sweat out every now and then.  Clean the poisons from my body. 
I had a big tree on the side of the house.  A red elm with a diameter of about18 inches or so and all of 70 ft tall.  This tree was tucked conveniently behind my 500 gallon propane tank.  This tree was dead and I believe had every intention of falling and taking out my propane tank as well as my garage. 

I can run a chain saw without too much difficulty.  In fact I own a very nice Stihl Farm Boss with a 20 inch cutting bar.  Not your average homeowners chain saw but a step or two above that. 
I don't mind cutting down smaller trees or trees that will not require me to initiate my homeowners insurance policy.  I do have trouble with trees like this one and decided to call in some help.  My friend Tony is pretty good at cutting trees down.  He has a small side job selling firewood so he cuts a lot of wood.  Tony was nice enough to bring over his equipment and help me rid my yard of this towering menace.
We had to first climb the tree and hook a cable about 20 ft up the trunk.  That cable we tied to the truck (100 ft away) I climbed in the truck and Tony cut the tree down.  As soon as I heard the trunk crack and saw the tree start to move I started backing the truck up.  We were able to drop right into the driveway and we missed the propane tank by 8 ft and the house by 15 ft.  Quite an adrenaline rush it was messing with something like that.  After we got it on the ground we both started cutting it into 16" firewood lengths and after about 35 minutes it was all chunked up.  Then we rolled the splitter over and began splitting all the wood chunks into nice fire place sized pieces.  When it was all said and done I ended up with about one or one and a half face cords of firewood.  Not sure I have to stack it all today.
I do have a couple pictures so I'll get those to you as soon as they pop up.(Wednesday)
Have a great new week and I'll see ya in a few days!


  1. Taking down a huge tree is impressive to watch! We had an arborist(though I just called him "Lumberjack") take down some mammoth Pinion Pines that made the ground quake when they fell. Pretty impressive. Made my back hurt just watching the guys section the logs.

  2. I don't think a tree falling in the woods would make a sound unless someone was there to hear it. But, then you say, what if we set a recorder there if nobody was present? Well, then, I would say that the recorder's...uh...recorder...would take the place of the human ear. In other words, without some way of registering that fall into a "sound", all you would have would be the pressure wave (albeit small) of said tree falling. Sorta like there's no sound in space. because of the vacuum. Which sucks.
    Oh, yeah. I really need to get back to work.


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