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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dropping Geese Like Rain!

Lighting bolts rained from the sky and the wind shook the leaves from their hold on the branches.  Rain pattered the ground and the smell of ozone drifted through the air as the bolts of electricity reigned down their awful power.  The sky to the east was a dark purple with a spot of red in the center, the sun just beginning to awaken.  The promise of fair weather kept us determined in our efforts to succeed in our early morning efforts.
Yes we'll do just about anything to drop some gees from the air, even set up decoys in a storm.
The alarm woke me at 3:45 AM this morning and I could hear the distant booms and knew a storm was brewing.  Outside while waiting for the dogs to finish their business I watched a massive electrical storm head my way and wondered if we would even leave the house that morning.
The guys showed up promptly at six, I was in the garage sipping hot coffee, and we discussed our plans.  many checks of the radar ensued and we decided to wait for a bit.  Our field of choice that morning was only 2 miles away from my home so we had extra time. 
A huge bolt of lighting cracked somewhere to our North and a second later the power was out.  It usually would come back on in a normal storm but obviously something more drastic had happened.  I found a flashlight and we stood there talking some more.  I decided to get out the camp stove and make us a couple cheese omelets right there in the garage while we waited out the storm.  After a bit we left and headed for the field.  We ended up successful again this morning and so far our tally stands at 9 geese.  Not too bad for a day and a half.  Here are some pictures of our first couple hunts.  It is Remmi's first time in the goose field and he performed admirably and I was proud as could be on his first retrieve.

Our set up in the wheat field.  There is a rock pile in the center of the field and we sat on the edge where the grass was tall.
Remmi's first retrieve

We took 5 last night

More to come stay tuned!

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