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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Craig's List!

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to all!

I slept in this morning until 8 and the house is still quiet.  It is now 9:30.  I have been perusing Craig's List on the hunt for a dump trailer to pull behind my lawn tractor.  I have officially declared myself too lazy old for wheel barrows.  I have a lot of dirt and rocks to move as well as firewood etc.  However people on Craig's List are rather particular on their pricing.  Like this one:
Dump Cart for lawn tractor, haven't used in years, tires are not great, sells for $150 new at TSC will sacrifice for $95. 
Is it me or has the definition of sacrifice changed?  Can you imagine the people from the Old Testament offering up a lamb for sacrifice but saying once it was dead they get to eat it.  The almighty would probably be a little peeved.  Not much of a sacrifice. 
Craig's List has an amusing list of for sale/wanted and people will sell or ask for anything.  Like this one:
Wanted for free, a good size TV, cable ready, need someone to deliver it to my home.
Holy shiznickle Batman I'm all over that one, in fact I'll give them the one I'm still paying on!
My personal favorite of the morning was (in my town nonetheless):
For sale: manure spreader for general use or as a yard decoration.
Now you got my attention.  That would so match the toilet bowl planter in the front yard and the big plastic pond with the giant algae collection in it.

So I figured I better put in my own ad.  Our rabbit Floppy has passed to the other side and left behind a cage and waterer, hay, food etc.  I could find no last will and testament so I believe it is mine for the selling.
My ad shall read as such:
Rabbit cage for sale.
Lightly used for 6 years.  Comes with half a bag of hay and some humidity sodden food pellets.
Brand new at pet store for $75, hay was $4.75 and the pellets I'll throw in for free.  Needs cleaning.
Will sacrifice for $72.99 firm.
You pick up and you remove dead rabbit and bury in my choice of location.
No spam please!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

PS: If your wondering what I do with the geese we have harvested check the link up top for this weeks blog


  1. And this is why I don't use Craig's List - a nightmare!
    Great post! Maybe you can add my rabbit cage with yours in that ad!

    Okay, on to something else...I've been reading your duck hunting posts. Fascinating.

    Also, I read your "jerky in the smoker" post...is that duck jerky you show, or is it venison...looks like venison, so I'm curious.

    I grew up on venison...dad was a hunter, more to feed his family then for the trophy, but he still liked the horns, he figured use all of it!

    Okay, what's the limit on hunting these geese? Is there a per day quota, or per season limit? Lots of questions...but here's the big one, are they Canada Geese, cause if they are you have my permission to kill the whole lot...I'll even fly on down to help.

    Bloody geese play havoc up here on our public green spaces so saying goodbye to a few hundred won't open the tear ducts!

    Congrats on Remmi's first retrieve - good job!

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Those toilet planters look really nice with a bath tub pond.


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