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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'll have what she's having!

"Yes please, I'll have what she is having."
 " And what is that?", the waiter asks me.
"A little bit of, can something go fucking right please", I say politley.  (slight emphasis on the fucking)

"Sir she is not having that, she is having our special of the week"
"Do tell", I mumble.
"That is the bust your balls for nothing platter".  No need to supersize it as it comes with an equally large helping of let down and encroaching depression"

"Fine I'll have it, is it cheap?"
"Well sir a first it's free but in the end you pay out the ass for it".

"Great", I say.  "You might as well rename it the usual, not the special.

Yep that kind of week so far.  I won't elaborate. 
I do have beer.

Not so bad now.


  1. i feel your pain...

    and taste that beer!

  2. I'm with bruce...

    I'm feeling your pain because I'm up to my knees in it too...oops those are my elbows...damn they look the same from this angle!

    As to the beer - I forgot to pick some up today so I'm nursing a freezer chilled Bombay gin with three olives - it'll do.

    Cheers, Jenny


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