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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Salutations, Updates and Good Friends!

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to all
I have good news.  The "thing" on my brother's brain turned out to be a water mass.  Not a tumour or a growth or the big C.  The doctors believe it is caused from his high blood pressure.  265 over 185 when he went in.  They gave him some meds to get rid of the mass and some BP meds.  He needs to follow up with his family Dr to try and get his BP under control.  It is still a serious issue to have anything pressing on your brain but I'll take this over that.  So thankful right now you can't believe it.  I will talk to him later and get more details.  I can't wait to tell him it's a good thing his brain is so small that there is room for a water balloon in there.  Ahhhh sweet humorous relief!

So anyways we had baby Joe Joe and his girlfriend over for dinner and cards last night.  I cooked up some homemade meatball subs.  It's easy.  Hamburger, ground pork, Italian bread crumbs, assorted seasonings, eggs and marinara sauce.  Mix it, mash it, smash it to hell then roll it into whatever size balls you desire.  My wife prefers big balls!  (Seems as though that's the only time I can accomodate her.)  Pan fry the meatballs till almost done and then pour in the marinara cover and simmer for awhile. (at least till the meatballs are cooked thru).  Then I take some sub buns and toss them under the broiler for a spell.  Once a bit toasty I layer some pepperoni in the bun followed by the meatballs and then ladle some marinara sauce over that and finally top with sliced provolone and back into the broiler to make a yummy gooey mess.
It is an easy, tasty and cheap dinner.  I think the total for 4 people was around $18.  I have enough left over for two subs today for lunch as well.
After that we played a bit of euchre, then Uno Attack, and finally pictionary.  Pictionary if you haven't heard is where you have to draw what it says on the card you pick.  Well that's the idea.  Most of the time you just draw a squiggly line next to a stick figure and jab it repeatedly with your pencil and can't understand why your partner doesn't guess the word South American Drug Lord.  I actually had Columbia for one of my words so I drew N. America and S. America.  Pointed to S. America until she guessed S. America and then I drew a guy with a big nose snorting cocaine through a straw.  Yeah she didn't get it.  I guess most people think of coffee when they hear Columbia.  Myself I think of cocaine drug lords.  Too much Nat Geo I guess.

We stayed up a little later than usual.  Fat old guys are in bed by 9:30 normally and I pushed the envelope to a dreary eyed, yawning constantly 10:30.  Yeah I'm a stud I know.  This morning I actually slept in.(after taking care of the dogs at 5:30).  I crawled out of bed at 8:00.  That is a miracle for me.(without a hangover that is).  Of course in our grocery shopping foray yesterday I forgot to pick up coffee.(obviously was thinking cocaine duhhh) so I had to get up and get dressed and head into town for a cuppa.  Now I'm good to go.
I did a test run on the smoker fire box and chip holder yesterday.  Both turned out really good.  I filled the box about half full of charcoal and when it was fully ashed over I put the full chip box on top of that and placed it in the smoker.  After about 10 minutes the chips began to smoke and continued to smoke for a good while.  All the time the temp. in the smoker steadily climbed into the 190s.  I was satisfied and before I sat down here I removed the goose breast from the fridge that has been curing and marinating for 23 hours now.  Once it reaches room temp I will place it in the smoker and a couple hours later I will have jerky!
I also found a cart for my lawn tractor.  My dear friend Rachel has an extra one and she said I could have it if I cooked her and her boyfriend Lant dinner.  Done deal.  They are even going to deliver it.
Then we started talking about firewood and now I am going to borrow her splitter to finish splitting my wood pile.  I told her I would send home some wood with her when she picked it up and she said nope just cook us another dinner.  Who needs money when you have food!  I think I'll open up a trade restaurant.  I borrow something from you and cook you dinner in trade.  All kidding aside it sure is nice to have good friends who like to help just because that is who they are.  Never expecting anything in return.  Thanks Rachel and Lant.
(No I'm not moving back into your house LOL)
Well I hope your weekend was great.  Mine turned out to be pretty good.


  1. So, so happy to hear the news of your brother. With that bp reading, it's a wonder he didn't have a stroke. He's lucky. Sure hope he can get it under control. I have it too but with the right meds and watching sodium and caffeine intake it's perfect. Now I'm craving a meatball sub thanks to you! They do sound good. Glad all is well in your world!

  2. Who says I don't expect things in return? I am expecting a good meal! LOL
    BTW Lant is weighing in at what he calls a "lean" 194 lbs. I told him he was pushing 200 and he said not even close! I say one good meal from you and he will tip the scale!

  3. I'm very happy to hear that your brother got good news. Take care of him!


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