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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Role Playing with Momma!

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to all.
Except you Texas Rangers you go eat cow shit and wash it down with crude oil!

The Pope, Gandhi and the 8 armed Indian God walk into a bar..............................................
whoa I've had too much.....check please!

Beautiful weekend here in the mitten state.  Warm during the day, around 80, cool at night mid 40s.
Leaves are turning as well as falling and I am now locked in a constant state of battle trying to keep the lawn clear.  I have a back pack leaf blower and besides emitting billowing clouds of black, foul smelling exhaust it does a great job of clearing the leaves from my precious grass.  It's the shady side of the yard that needs protecting.  The grass is fragile from the lack of sun and requires more care than the rest.  I stand poised and ready.  A gallon jug of 2-cycle gasoline and a bottle of ibuprofen at the ready, my vigil is unwavering.

Wood cutting has beat me up this weekend.  I feel like George Burns on his 100th birthday when he  drank so many Budweisers that we talked him into riding the mechanical bull down at Rodeo Pete's.
(more ibuprofen please)
With a little canine assistance I was able to cut and split the entire tree as well as clean up all the mess.(twigs, leaves, sawdust, refer to paragraph 1 and pass the ibuprofen again)

I stacked it under the deck with my other wood.  The stack is about 6 ft tall and stretches about 12 ft long.  Although it is not stacked 6 ft the whole way.  There is around three face cord of wood.  Today's going rate about $180.

Remember the barrel I told you about?  I turned it into a composter just like I said I would.
I bolted 2x4s through the end of the barrel with some5/8' threaded rod and then connected the two ends of the barrel with longer 2x4s and some screws.  The threaded rod was left long to serve as "axles" for the spinning of the barrel.  A door is cut in the side and the hinges are nothing more than zip ties and the latch is a conduit strap. 

I painted it black to help absorb the suns energy and aid in rapid decomposition.  I have already added some veggie scraps from my pot roast on Friday.  In order to maintain healthy compost there is a certain ratio of material that needs to be considered.  Basically it is two categories.  Green and Brown.  Green is your kitchen scraps, peels and leftover veggie scraps and that sort of thing.  Brown is stuff like paper, coffee filters, leaves. Click the link for more specifics.  Composting is a great way to recycle and even better for your veggies and flowers.  It also helps to offset my pollution ridden mechanical devices that live in my shed.
Composting the right things
I simply add the materials to the composter and give it a spin every other day and I should have great compost every couple of weeks.

Saturday morning was spent in the duck boat in hopes of a waterfowling bonanza of ducks and geese.  Both seasons open at the same time so it can be pretty entertaining.  And it was!
We had a lot of ducks coming in before it was legal shooting light so we had to sit there and watch them swimming around our decoys.  Eventually they flew off, nothing more than a blur in the early morning light.
We ended up taking two Wood ducks and three geese.

I won't be doing any deer hunting this weekend.....too hot!
So I did the next best thing.  I drank beer.

Momma wanted to go to the dollar store to look for Halloween decorations.  I obliged (almost out of beer) and when we got there, after looking at all the costume accessories, I had this incredible idea. 
I said,"Hey babe lets get this and we can go home and role play."

Here is what I picked out.
A nice piece of chest armor

A pair of six shooters complete with spurs

And some gloves, cuz it might get dirty!

What?  It is too a legit costume!
It's a crazy wood cutting, duck killing, beer drinking crazy guy!  I knew it was me from the moment I laid eyes on it.  I wanted to wear it into Walmart but she said I would probably be inundated with job offers and other less valuable solicitations.  I'm not sure how she determines monetary discretion but to me it sounds fun.
Her costume?
I still haven't figured it out yet.  Two dish towels, a martini glass, a floor mat that says" Boo!" and some glow in the dark centipedes.
Oh well it was still fun.  That is until I spurred her and she smashed the martini glass over my head.
What fun is role playing without a little blood?

I suppose that is enough for one post.  I shall see you in the near future....yeeeeehawwwww!



  1. I love the onset of Native American summer here in the Northeast. I could do without the village raids and losing big at the craps table, though.

    Go Tigers!

  2. You cheated! You used a wood splitter. A real woodsman uses an axe. Hahahaha. Sounds like a fun filled though exhausting weekend. Enjoy the weather you'll be under 5 feet of snow before you know it!

  3. What is the BOO welcome mat for? Is she expecting trick or treaters? Really?

  4. Oh and good thing you are not still living here cause there is NO keeping up with leaves around here! The crazy neighbor is just having fits from the leaves we don't clean up that blow into his yard! LOL Come on wind storm!!


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