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Friday, October 7, 2011

Workin' like a....worker?

It's finally Friday.  A long 4 day week has passed and here I sit with hot coffee and tons of things to write about.  Well tons may be a bit of an exaggeration more like a pound.  Oz.  Fine I don't have anything at all.  I worked all week.  Who the hell wants to hear about that?
After work I came home and worked on cutting up the big tree.
I need wood for next year so might as well get a head start.

That is a 20 inch bar on my saw so that gives you an idea on how big the tree was.  Not huge but big enough.

I still have more to cut and then I need to split it.  Then there is 2 more trees just like this one to come down.

Hopefully I will be in the stand tonight waiting on the elusive whitetail deer and then Saturday morning the regular duck and goose season begins.  I will be sitting in the duck boat in the morning and the deer stand at night.  A little wood cutting in between.  Sneaking in some beer time somewhere in there.  Probably just before bed. 
Lets face it beer has a place and time and it's not in the car, the duck boat, the tree stand or while running the chainsaw....well the chainsaw has a limit of three beers.  It is Oktoberfest after all.

I plugged my freezer in last weekend in anticipation of filling it with venison.  I didn't shoot any deer so I stopped and bought 2 big bags of freeze pops.  I love those little frozen concoctions of pure sugar water and indulge on half a dozen at a time.  Problem is they don't sell them in the winter so I am devoting the whole top shelf of my freezer to these little bandits.  With some restraint and some clever rationing I might get through to Spring.  Doubt it!

My "garden" is doing great..so to speak.  I sprayed it with vegetation killer a few weeks ago and all of the sod is now brown and waiting to be tilled.  I also received a large plastic white barrel that I will be turning in to a compost tumbler.  In the back of the property is a large pile of concrete chunks (apparently the woods was a disposal) from a sidewalk or patio I'm guessing.  The guy before me must have ripped them from somewhere on the property and deposited them there.  I don't like looking at them but what do you do with a huge pile of concrete chunks?   Recycle them!  Because my garden will be on a slope I will be adding retaining walls to help level it up.  I am going to use these chunks on the back side (less visible) and make a wall out of them.  In front of the wall I will put in a little planting bed of flowers to help hide the concrete.

There is a great web site out there for choosing plants and shrubs from that I found and I have been using it frequently to plan my landscaping (coming this Spring)
Plant Navigator
You can enter in your requirements and it will list all of the available plants.
As a former landscaper I have a really good idea on what I need but it is still fun to play with.  I copy and paste into a word document every plant I like and now I have a printable list along with each plants care, bloom time, light requirements, water needs.etc.

I hope you have a great weekend!
Go Tigers!
Go Lions!


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  1. Hey, we ALL could use a little wood every now and then.
    NOTICE: This is the last time I will use the tired "wood" reference in a sexual connotation.
    You're welcome.


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