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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Fall is Here!

The changing of the seasons is what really keeps me here in the great Midwest.  I use the term, great, loosely.  No matter how bad the economy is, how high the unemployment rate or how many cars they manage to birth from the bowels of the mitten state the seasons will still change and they will still be beautiful.
My personal favorite is Fall.  Some call it Autumn but not me.  Good 'ol Fall will do just fine.
October 1st slates the first day of the archery deer season here.  Opening day was spent perched in a tree stand relaxing and wondering how I could be so lucky to have this great experience. 
My morning hunt was filled with squirrels, chipmunks, a couple cats and some very acrobatic chickadees.
It seems as though the deer were not inclined to pay me a visit.  Can't say as I blame them.  After a couple hours on stand I came home and mowed the lawn and made a trip to the big box store to purchase fireplace implements.  You gotta have a poker.  Without it you may as well not have a fireplace at all.  Of course it comes as a set with the little shovel, tongs and the sweeper.  An ash bucket topped off the ensemble and momma had to throw an area rug in the cart as well.  I am enjoying the fireplace tools and the dogs really love the area rug.  After our excursion to people land we came back home and I headed out for the evening hunt.  It was beautiful out.  Sunny skies, upper 50s and the wind died down nicely.
Right about 7 'oclock a nice little 8 pt buck stepped from the woods and into the food plot to munch on some rye grass.  he had a perfect rack and a solid body.  He probably weighed in at 160 pounds or so.  Judging by his rack, body size and overall appearance I could tell he was only a year and a half old and was not a "shooter" buck.  One more year and he better look out.  He will be quite the deer next year with his perfectly symmetrical rack.  He stayed in the food plot for about 15-20 minutes before he meandered off into the woods again.  Nothing else ventured out in front of me but it didn't matter.  My evening was already successful.
This morning I awoke to a good frost on the lawn.  Temps hit 31 degrees last night.  I took the dogs out just before sunrise and marvelled at the beauty of the coming day.  Then I went back in and started the fire back up.  It had died to coals during the night but the house stayed around 68 degrees which is perfect. 
I'm curious to see how well the fireplace works when the temps stay at 32 degrees.  I'm gonna need more wood.  I took this morning off of hunting but will return this eve.  Wish me luck!
I also changed my post of the week, check it out!

The first fire

The view from my tree stand

And of course Remmi and Gunner's new tractor cart.

And me dressed as a tree!


  1. Great pictures! Who was that masked man? hahaha. I'm hanging on to every last ounce of beach weather we get here in SC. Can't take the cold anymore. Great post.

  2. Where are you hunting? On your property?

  3. I'm looking forward to Native American summer. The days will be gloriously warm while the nights will have a chilly bite to them. On the downside, there will be significant losses at the casino craps tables.


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