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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Salutations and The Wood Wall

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to all.
Yesterday was a busy day for me.  Busy is good for me right now.
I started the day with a wood cutting expedition with a friend of mine, Mike.
Mike met me at a nice woodlot that belongs to his family.  You may remember Mike from a Christmas tree gathering expedition from two years ago.  Here is Mike!
It is nice to have friends that just like to be there and to help and expect nothing in return.
He had already fell a nice big ash and we promptly cut it up and loaded it into my pick up.
I believe we were a few logs away from the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.
My other friend Jerry met us out there to say hi as he lives right around the corner.  He also dropped off a plow for the back of the garden tractor.  I needed to turn my garden over before the ground froze.
It was nice to see Jerry.  I don't get to see him much anymore.
So I took the wood home and pulled the splitter out of the shed and began the long arduous task of splitting.
Rain was in the forecast so I simply split the wood and piled it up on the garage floor.

After that I removed the snow blower from the tractor and hooked up the plow

Then I played in the garden

I will add 5-6 yards of good topsoil and till it in come spring.
Finally after plowing I mad some nice big, juicy burgers on the grill.  As soon as I put the burgers on it began to rain so my timing was impeccable (lucky)
After dinner I stacked wood. There was more than I thought.  Which is ok by me but man oh man what a never ending pile.

There is even more piled up to the right that you can't see.  I ran out of reaching room on this wall.  I would estimate the wood added up to about 2..25 face cord.
A couple more loads like that and I'll be set until the weather warms again.

Today its raining and yucky.  I need to grocery shop and do laundry.  Momma is on bed rest so lets hope all the laundry doesn't turn pink!
I am hoping for a visit from my little brother.  He stopped by on Thanksgiving but we were at the hospital.  he has to leave to return to Illinois soon and I hope I can see him before he goes.
Have a great Sunday and I'll see you back here soon!
Damn wood splinters anyways,

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  1. That's why owning a pick-up truck is great! You can haul wood, mulch, furniture, that group of dead hobos from down by the tracks.....oops, never mind. Forget everything I said and move along. Nothing to see here.


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