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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

Hey there and welcome back to old protocol.
My mind twists and bends with the wind but eventually it snaps back. (for now)
It has been a crazy week.  I'm a bit tired, emotionally stoned, a little frazzled and just for shits and giggles I was a little joyful with all the snow.  So without further ado we shall commence.
My thirsty Thursday consists of a simple Miller Lite.  I do have to work tomorrow so I must be responsible.  After all we are all adults.....aww who am I kidding only some of you are adults the rest of us will wake up with a headache in the morning. 
We had a beautiful snowstorm on Tuesday night that dumped about 6-8 inches of wet heavy snow causing massive power outages throughout the area.  Including work and sadly my home for 2 days.
Our fireplace, a small propane heater and a good dose of sunlight kept the house around 60 degrees for the most part and a quick run to the in laws for water kept us in good spirits.  Camping at home I call it.
My brother in law Al dropped off a generator for us and that allowed me to catch up on some cooking shows.  What do you mean it was to run the furnace? 
I have some more great pics I will share with you perhaps Friday or Saturday.

On the down side we lost our pregnancy on Monday.  It started on Thanksgiving and continued all weekend and finally Monday it was finished.  She was 10 weeks along.  I'm sorry but I just won't be a Dad in this lifetime.  Maybe next.
On a lighter note or darker....here is my Top Ten for the week and as always good or bad you decide.  After all everyone is entitled to their own opinion....even on my own blog!

1.  I had two hot dogs and a piece of turkey lunch meat for Thanksgiving  (Turkey may contain up to 5% water)
2.  Blue Cross Blue Shield will be getting a bill for about 6 million dollars. (Going rate for two full days in the ER)
3.  Spent way too much time in the hospital  (I did manage to pocket some nail scrubbers, latex gloves, a pee bottle and a couple body markers)
4.  Snow storm Tuesday night was fun.  (we sat in the window and watched cars get stuck on the hill all night)
5.  Power outage at work.. SNOW DAY  (at home too so I got to play with the snow blower)
6.  Dogs had a blast in the 8 inches of fresh snow.  (there is not one spot of snow without a dog track in it now)
7.  Power came on Wednesday night  (no excuse for being dirty now)
8.  Working for straight time on a Friday?  Bullshiznit I call it  (should've expected it)
9.  Just pulled all the Christmas decorations down from the rafters  (There goes the electric bill....bring it on)
10.  Despite the crazy, emotional roller coaster of a week my Crazy Needle has remained stationary.  (Shocker!)

That's it!  if you were expecting more read the title of the post Jackwagon it says top ten not twelve or sixteen...geez!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Very, very sorry to hear that. Been there, done that. It sucks. No wiseguy remarks from me tonight.

  3. How dare you call me an adult sir. I can be just as immature as my girlfriend's four-year-old, though I have to confess I don't drink at all anymore.


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