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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

Hey there people out in cyber land it is finally Thursday.  I should be drinking beer and having a good time but instead I'm drinking beer.  Good enough for me!   I must say it has been a hell of a year and I have handled it with all the grace of a rhino in a child's swimming pool.  Pretty proud of myself.  I know the year isn't over yet but I have 4 more days of work next week and then I'm off until January 3rd.
This year is one I can tell the grand kids about or the creepy guy who lives under the bridge down the road aways.  The only reason I call him creepy is when I drive by I throw out a soda can (so he can have ten cents on the deposit)  he always tips it up and drinks what's left.  Creepy lil' sucker.

"Did I ever tell you about the year your Grandma and I tried to buy 14 different houses, got kicked out of our rental, used garbage bags for clothes and tried to mail the cat to a relative in Tennessee?
OK so I made up the one about garbage bags, shoot me. 
Have you ever been down in the dumps and people tell you to hang on it'll get better and you look at them like"go climb a tree and dry hump a squirrel"?  That was me.
For tens of years years it went on and on.  I would say check and they would say checkmate you stupid undeserving moron you lose. 
Well I'm pleased to announce that that streak is.......still happening but now I just don't give a rat's ass and have learned to enjoy what I have and covet what you have and live my life to the almost fullest.
(seriously it does get better if you can hang, not the Matchbox20 hang but the regular hang)

So without further retarded words cluttering this page I bring you Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten!
My beer of choice tonight is..................... Miller Lite!  I know big wussy!  I like it, it likes me and I have a bunch of crap to do tomorrow.  My secret stash of Leinenkugels Fireside Nut Brown is hanging in the garage. (yes the Matchbox 20 hang) should I care for some nutty, caramel indulgence.

In my quest to educate you on the perils and plays of my life I bring you this week's top ten.
As always good or bad you decide.

#1  Tree is up, decorated.  House is lit up like aforementioned.   (I like it.  makes me smile)
#2  I don't have enough reserve power to run things like the furnace.   (shivering makes you warm on purpose)
#3  Our snow has melted and replaced with mud.  (Good thing I have a plywood sidewalk)
#4  My plywood sidewalk just blew away in this windstorm.   (Good thing I have mud)
#5  Getting ready for big party on Saturday.  (I bought two cans of cheese balls..cha-ching)
#6  Our Christmas bonus at work was a $25 gift card.  (I can't decide between three gallons of gas or 2 pkg of ring bologna, either one will power up the truck)
#7  I have to go pee now.  (Shit I wasn't supposed to type that, back in a flash)
#8  I finally figured out why the guys pants are on fire in the Progressive insurance commercial.(Liar, Liar)
#9  I cleaned and re-organised the garage this week.  (Do not look in the shed)
#10 I'm pretty damn happy with things right now.  ( wait till the buzz wears off)

Have a great weekend and we'll chat soon.

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