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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Lights on the House!

Good morning and Sunday Salutations to you all!
It is 7:09 am here in Michigan on this lovely morning.  Temps a tad warmer than this time 24 hours ago.  We are sitting at a comfortable 21 degrees.  Yesterday (my blog was incorrect) it was 10 degrees.
I figure ten degrees is ample enough warmth to head out for a tree and that is just what we did.
In fact we were so early that the guy was there opening the gate as we pulled up.
It didn't take long to find a tree.  In fact we found several and had a tough decision to make.  The small perfect one, the nice top but fat bottom (girl I dated in high school) or the large one with the funny branch sticking up at us like a ........never mind.
And the wiener winner is the small perfect one.  Being only 6 ft tall saved us a few bucks too.  This year was only $31 while last year was $42.  12 inches makes all the difference.(Al, that one was for you).
Of course in keeping up with our Holiday tradition the youngest and weakest member of the clan gets to cut it down.  (Good thing she doesn't read this or I would be in trouble for calling her weak!)

There are plenty of trees to choose from.  It was such a beautiful morning.

Of course this year we have a truck to put the tree in and I admit it felt much more manlier than trying to stuff a 6 foot tree inside the trunk of a small car. 
With the tree loaded up we headed to the home improvement store to pick up the final stretch of gutters I needed to finish the front of the garage.  Also some holiday decor, lights and beer. 
No they didn't sell beer at the HIS but they should, right next to the ladders.
We made it home just at noon, had lunch, trimmed the tree and got it in the stand and in the house and then headed out to hang lights on the house.  I have always wanted my own home and have dreamed of being able to hang lights on it at Christmas and now I have it.  Merry Christmas to me.  It's all I want and all I need.
I dug out my old carpentry belt, cinched it around my waist (barely) and filled it with gutter hooks.
Ladder out and up I went.  It took a couple hours but I finally finished.  (I only quit because I ran out of extension cords)  I was pleased with the results.  Beer me please!  OK fine I had a couple while doing the lights.  (but only while I was on the ladder)

I hung a few lights on the inside of the house and Momma was decorating this and that as well.
A big pot of venison stew was simmering on the stove, fireplace was crackling and the lights were shimmering.  What more can a guy ask for?  Yep! but that came later!
Happy Holidays


  1. 12 inches? Good God, my legs are hardly that long.
    Lights look great, though.

  2. You sure live in a beautiful part of your country; all that open space - wow!

    I think your "youngest and weakest" family member did a fine job on the tree cutting - you can tell her I said so!

    And you did a mighty fine job on the lights, given you had the help of a beer or two, a job like that is always easier when done as a team!

    As to the loss of those 12 inches...this year my tree grew by that much...(hey Al, what do you think about that!!)

    Great post - great pics!

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Great post. Sounds like fun but I'm so glad it's a freezing 56 degrees here today! I just can't do it anymore. Love the house lights. Nice job!

  4. Well, mine can grow if yo....oh, my, we won't go there.


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