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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten...posted on a Friday

It's finally Friday!  Yeah!  Wait that doesn't mean crap to me I've been off work all week and do not have to return until Tuesday.  So boo on Friday, let's back it up a few days.  Not all the way to Christmas but close.  I can only handle one of those a year.  So guess what I did yesterday?  Yep.  Cut more wood.  I decided to get started on next years supply.  There is a bunch of trees blown down by a storm (mini-tornado) at the BIL (brother-in-law) it is still green but if I cut it, split it and stack it then it will be good to burn for next winter.  So I located a nice silver maple that had succumbed to mini-tornado (straight line winds) and fired up the trusty 20 inch Stihl Chainsaw and let her eat. 
Next I fired up the old back and let him ache.
(I had to carry all the rounds out of the woods by my lonesome)

Then once I was home I cracked a cold one and fired up the splitter.

I figure it was close to a face cord of wood.

I piled it on the floor of the garage because I need to build a wood shed.
If I keep filling the garage then Momma won't be able to get her car in there and she won't squawk when I tell her I need to buy some lumber for a woodshed.
Sometimes I amaze myself. (not that hard)

So that was how I spent my Thirsty Thursday which brings us to the top ten.
I know it's Friday but this is about Thursday.  Good enough
Without further delay I bring you my top ten of the week, as always, good or bad you decide.

1.  I kicked the death tree's butt   (then he kicked mine we'll call it even)
2.  Christmas went off without a hitch  (well sort of I still have to tow it around for a few months..$)
3.  It's time to take the Christmas tree down  (I need it to start a bon fire in the back yard)
4.  Anybody want a free cat I haven't slept well in days (next time I ask it will be at the Chinese restaurant)
5.  I feel I should make some New Years Resolutions  ( Don't worry I laid down till the feeling went away)
6.  All the wood cutting is probably making me lose weight (drinking beer while splitting it puts it right back)
7.  Propane usage so far this winter 20%  (correct spelling should be pro-pain)
8.  I started keeping a pile of note cards next to the couch so I can write down recipes I see on TV (Are Centrum Silver, enemas and Viagra next ?)
9.  Did I just say enema?  (WTF)
10.  I'll let this guy say it..

Stick around and maybe I'll write something worth reading one of these days.
I'm off to get my woody on more fire wood.


  1. I know what you mean about Friday. Because of my job, I have summers off (hey, when I was in the Navy, I never had summers off, so no guilt here). This means that from June to August, I don't look forward to Fridays, as they are a meaningless day. I dislike weekends even more because that means more people are home from work. And clogging up streets, stores, and Wendy's drive-thru.
    I likewise have had this week off. So, today means I'm closer to having to go back to work. To quote you, "Booo!!!!"

  2. Oh your back must hate you! You lifted those? Someday I'll tell the story of how a woodsplitter caused Bruce's family to split up! It's a doozy. Meanwhile, rest and write down those recipes.

  3. Or to dance for the rain in alot of places right now.

  4. Fun fact: here in suburbia, if you told people you chopped your own wood, they would look at you like you're crazy. "Like, I mean, you know they sell that at King Soopers in little paper doilies, right???"


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