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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kicked Some ASH Yesterday

Hi nice to see you again.  I know it's been awhile.  Sooooo what'cha been up toooooo?
Me? Oh the usual......working and cutting wood.
Wednesday night I had a garage full of wood that needed to be stacked.

 I finished stacking about 7:30 that night and was too tired to do anything but eat and go night night. (8:30pm)

Thursday night I stopped and bought a chimney brush and climbed up on the roof to clean the chimney.  The hardware store wanted $25 for the brush and $12.99 for each section of rod.  I needed 4 sections.  Ouch!
So I skipped the rods and tied a rope to one end of the brush and two 5 lb dumbbell weights to the other and did it that way.  Much better work out on the arms too.
Well needless to say it made a mess of the downstairs and I spent some time cleaning that up but now the chimney is cleaned and I have peace of mind.

Good thing I cleared the garage of wood too because this is what happened on Friday

And that turned into this.  I started at 9am and finished at 7pm

I bet your wondering why I keep piling it on the garage floor and then stacking from there?

Seems like every time I get to cut wood we have a warm spell and the ground thaws. I don't want to drive across my lawn with a truck full of wood to get to the wood pile so I just pile it in the garage until it freezes again. One of these times I will be able to split and stack all at the same time

                                                  Yeah I think I'm addicted to firewood.
It's 6:59 am right now and I'm leaving in a half hour to go get another load.
Huge thanks to Mike and Al for letting me cut wood on their properties.
Thanks to Tony as well for the use of his trailer and today his splitter.
Thanks to Rachel and Lant for the use of their splitter as well.
Good friends are hard to come by and great ones loan you their stuff!
There's lots more and I'm anxious to get it cut.

Thanks to you for stopping by to see what the hell I've been up too.
I'll post more when the work is done or slows but you know what they say you gotta make wood when the sun......errrrr what do they say?
Closing in on my 300th post.  6 more to go.

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