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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

OK I don't know what the hell is going on here but I can't read any of your posts.  (those that post, obvious, duh)
It pops up and freezes.  WTF.  I have been on a blogger hiatus for awhile.  It's been fun and I have missed many posts but when I want to come read them I can't.  Last time I fixed the blog problem by not clicking the box that kept me signed in.  This time I will probably have to hang my skivvies form the monitor and rotate them once a day along with typing in caps lock on the even numbered minutes during the day.

I see why people switch now........noooooo not that kinda switching.  ewwwwww!
Whatev! as my wife would text me.  I'm not hip like that so I try and use correct grammar while texting.  It generally leads to busted mail boxes, squished puppies and a $500 deductible every other month but c'mon grammar is important.   Hooked on phonics worked for me When I'm not driving it doesn't seem that important but when I'm in the truck ripping down the snow covered road at 60 mph it is soooooo important I have to dig it out of my pocket.
Whatev.  Sheesh.

Cutting Wood.  WTF did you think I was doing?  If I'm not cutting it, I'm thinking about it.  I've purchased the rights to some trees that were logged off and all the tops and the "no good" wood is laying there for the taking.  I've built my prototype log tong.  I will be trying it out tomorrow.  Stay tuned.
So to make a sharp stick slicker I give you my Thirsty Thursday and Top Ten.
Tonights beer is Bells Best Brown Ale from the illustrious town of Comstock, Michigan.  I have no idea where that is and don't really care as long as they keep delivering it to the local store.  I do know that Henry Comstock (of the Comstock Load) sold his silver mine for $11,000 back in the old days and the mine then delivered a few billion dollars or million I don't pay attention real well but still HOLY SHIZZ.
The beer  has a  very nice malty flavor with the traditional ale flavor coming in second.  It's strong, I've had three now and find myself squinting at the keyboard.  I suppose $10 a six pack should come with some squinting.
Top Ten, as usual you decide good or bad.

#1 I scored on the wood this week.  (endless weekends of splitting and stacking and beer)
#2 It finally got cold and snowed  (then it got warm and rained and then it got cold and snowed)
#3 Wood tongs prototype finished  (will post pics in action,  if it works)
#4 My truck is a wood hauling, mud busting SOB  (it cost ten dollars at the car wash just to get the mud off)
#5 Wood pile is growing  ( ummmmm wood is good)
#6  This beer is making my face really warm  (should cut down on the heating bill)
#7  Why didn't I make this the top five?  (I suppose I need to get out more)
#8  Four out of the above seven posts are about wood.  (Does that make me gay?)
#9  NO
#10  I'm still happy.  I have a good life and am very thankful.  (that should prep me for when it goes to shit)

There I managed to get through it again.  I hope you all have a great Thirsty Thursday cuz mines pretty good so far.
PS.  It is 10 degrees outside.  Just in case you thought you were cold.



  1. Golly, I hope you don't rotate your skivvies from your body to your monitor. Because that'd be gnarly. If you rotated them from your monitor to your body...well...that'd just be weird (they'd probably be warm, though). Good luck on getting things going with Blogger.

  2. I got tired of it.
    I moved.
    Some say switching your browser works

    no idea other than that

    My New Blog – “Lizard Happy”

  3. I had to download Google Chrome. It's been working fine ever since.

    1. I use Chrome on my laptop. Not only does it work great, it's wicked shiny.


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