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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Salutations and Bushman's Law

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to all.
With the addition of Google Chrome to my hard drive I now have use of the full and unbiased facilities of Blogger once again (or for the time being).
There is no way I can go back and read and comment on all the posts I missed so I apologize for my absence as well as my negligence. (laziness as well)
I sort of like doing things one way and when I have to change my habits it presents a serious detriment to my fundamentalist view of simplicity.  I like to adhere to the strict guidelines set forth in Bushman's Law (page 43 Section 2 Clause 2.3)   "If it takes more than the amount of steps to accomplish your goal than you are comfortable with, then walk away."
It is very simple and straightforward.  Of course if you read on then you will discover in section three, same page.  "After a period of time, to be determined by the user, has expired then curiosity shall indeed kill the cat and you are welcome to regress into that which has perplexed you".

Cat killed and here I am!
Man was it ever cold this weekend!  Friday morning when I awoke it was 3 degrees.  Luckily for me by the time I made it out to the woods to begin my ritualistic sacrifice of wood fiber for the fire gods it had warmed up to 7 degrees.  I almost didn't go out.  I mean 3 degrees?  I'm no super hero by any means.
I warmed up soon enough however.  By the time it reached 8 degrees the sweat was freezing to my forehead and I had frozen mustache just like you see on the TV with the guys up in Alaska.  Yeah I felt pretty cool.  At one point I scraped a branch across the tip of my nose, removing some skin in the process, and of course it was too cold to feel the blood and it froze all over my nose.  When I looked in the mirror on the truck my whole nose was covered in frozen blood.
I managed to cut three loads but only had time to split and stack two of those.  It began snowing around 3:30 and my beer wouldn't stay thawed once it was opened.  By 5pm I was done and in the house as the snow drifted lazily from the darkening sky.  I was bushed.  Most people get tired but if your a Bushman you get bushed.  (page 32)  My lungs burned from breathing in all the cold air and my body was starting to give out at all the places you need functional for this sport such as hip, knee and shoulder.
I took Saturday off and went to Kaitlin's soccer game, Lowe's (for some protective chaps to keep my legs intact while cutting) and home by 4pm to snow blow the driveway and reload the wood stacks by the fireplace.  The beer was still freezing up.
Once settled in for the night I fried up a batch of fresh chicken wings and home cut french fries and we chowed down.  I buy my wings whole and then cut them into wings and drummies with a pair of poultry sheers.  A must have if you like wing dings.  I made a honey, BBQ sauce with a shot of balsamic vinegar in it and also a traditional buffalo style sauce.
I will be headed back into the woods today with the bride in tow.  I think she forgot how much she hated it last time so I'll be more than happy to refresh her memory!
Here are some pics of my prototype wood tongs.  Once I iron out the bugs I will make another set and that way I can carry out two logs at a time instead of one.

Here is how I transport the logs when we have snow

This is one of the tops from the logged out trees.  The trunk is about 16 inches in diameter.  Plenty of firewood left for the taking.

And when it is all said and done it ends up here

What do you mean why do I have a wheelbarrow in my house?  Bushman's law page 12, section 3, clause 1.2.
"If by any means using a transport vehicle will make ones' job easier then by all accounts it is desirable to do so.  This shall pertain to inside the domicile or out."

Hey the law is the law.


  1. 3 degrees is cold times 10...

    love the log carrier...

    and anyone that does nut understand the need for a wheelbarrow in the house...

    well...let's just say they will not survive the zombie apocalypse...

    and frozen beer is not fun...if i wanted a beer slushy, i would move to the arctic...

  2. ^ Can't tell if a beer slurpee would be awesome or terrible. May have to try that some time...

    Also, I have a wheelbarrow in my living room too. But that's typically for the wife after she's had one too many of those frozen beers...


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