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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birth of a Garden-Phase Two and Bushman is a Slacker!

So I was sitting there thinking, "how can I piss my wife off ?" when I had an epiphany.
I'll take Thursday off work and not tell her until either Wednesday night or Thursday morning when she starts freaking out that I'm not getting out of bed to go to work.  I think I'll wait until tomorrow morning.  That should be funner.
I actually decided to take the day off because of a few things.
#1    I can
#2    Why not?
#3     I really needed a mental health day (people at work are pissing me off)
#4    I haven't taken a day off since November of last year.
#5    There was a surplus of beer at the store and I decided to do my civic duty to eliminate overcrowding.
#6    I have a ton of yard work to get done before spring is over.
#7    See number one
#8    See number 7

You get the idea.  It's bad enough trying to come up with a reason to take a day off work.  I feel felt guilty for like 9 seconds after submitting my request.
So you ask what do I have planned?  Oh... you didn't ask?  Well too bad!

Finish planting garden
Move 6 cords of wood from behind the house and continue the wood fence all the way too the front yard
Finish clearing the back tree line
Seed and straw all bare areas in back yard
Tear down retaining wall in front yard
Re build retaining wall in front yard using all the boulders we have been collecting
Drink beer.

That should keep me busy for the next 4 days.

Speaking of garden here is the next phase of it.
Also the picture at the top is my Rhododendron beginning to bloom.

Birth of a garden phase II

After all the boxes are in place I fill them up with a topsoil compost blend.

Then I roll weed fabric over the top and staple it to the boxes

Next I cut an X into the fabric and plant the veggies

I finished collecting my colored tomato cages.  I think they are so cool.  I have red, yellow, blue and green.

I also planted some cucumbers on the trellis as well as pole bean seeds.  It's hard to see the trellis and the cuke plants in the back.  The two black lines are 100 table onions and 50 red onions.

I should have the corn in by the end of the weekend.  Just need to get the soil dried and workable for the little planting machine.

Here is my pretty Rhododendron.
  Stay tuned.  Lots of work will be happening.

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  1. WOW! This all looks awesome! Lots of hard work but it'll be well worth it.


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