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Friday, May 11, 2012

I just can't seem to get enough of playing with my wood!

Hey there, you made it to Friday.  Congratulations.  I am now starting my second day of mini vacation.  Not a true vacation as I was still up at 4:30 this morning although I wasn't headed to work.  Work is in the forecast however and I'm up for the challenge.  Yesterday I managed to get almost the entire stock of firewood moved to the new wood wall location.  It took all of 6 hours just to get the stuff behind the garage.  It went from this

To this.

All winter the ground never stayed frozen and I was forced to split wood in the driveway out front, toss it in a wheelbarrow, go through the garage and stack it behind the garage.  I couldn't put it directly where it needed to go and huge stacks of wood right next to your house are ok during winter but come spring are an invitation to pests so it had to move.

I started to stack it, adding on to the wood wall, when I realized that I could never finish it in one day so I would fill the truck, drive it to the wall and unload it in one continuous pile for stacking later.

I had to quit at 2 pm to make an eye Dr appt.  I was going to try contact lenses for the first time so I had to go to lens class.  The teacher was a very cute little blonde and after several eye poking tries I managed to get them in and out a few times.  Hmmmmmm...........never mind!
I tried glasses but the problem is my right eye is almost perfect but my left eye is about as good as garden weasel on concrete.  When I wear the glasses and move my head I get sea sick.  I know weird but look who your dealing with here.  With contacts I don't have that problem.
Everything is covered under insurance because the doctor says it is medically necessary.  Which is a fancy way of saying I'm getting my money out of the Blue Cross.  My left eye has a super strong, specially ordered prescription and my right eye has the weakest prescription available.  Maybe now I can walk a straight line.

Temps dipped a bit low Wednesday night so I had to cover up my garden plants so they didn't get stressed or frozen.  We hit a low of 36 degrees.  If your gonna plant early you need to be prepared for things like this.  Luckily I have access to an unlimited supply of boxes.
I also received a very cool package in the mail yesterday from my Father.  No reason he just thinks I'm the best middle son he ever had!
Just when I was getting low on my personal stock too.  Great timing pops.  It came with a large waterproof humidor, made of thick plastic and a pocket sized humidor for parties or events not at your own house.
The Gurkha brand of cigars is a high end product and I will enjoy everyone of these.

Pictured here are 34 fine cigars.  It came with 35.  One went up in smoke already.

On today's agenda is to finish moving the last of the wood, cleanup all the debris and pallets and then begin disassembling the retaining wall out front.  I also need to pull the carb off of the rototiller and give it a good cleaning so I can work the soil up in the garden after all the rain compacted it and get my corn planted.  It is finally starting to dry up.

Have a great Friday and I'll see you again tomorrow morning, a little later in the morning please, I hear a campfire calling my name tonight.


  1. Everything seems to be coming together just fine!

  2. I plan on eating some of those veggies and maybe smokin one of those cigars sometime this summer. Take a step back and take in what you have accomplished, they will someday be your memories as mine have. You remind me of me at that age, busy,busy,busy always got somethin goin on.

  3. That wall looks fantastic! It's sure to keep the Huns away. Or beavers.


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