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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Salutations and A Photo Op!

Hey there!  Boy did I ever drop the ball this week.  No Thirsty Thursday, Friday or even a Saturday post.
Slacker!  So I'll catch up today and give you a quick run down loaded with pictures.  Cuz that's what I do!

Thursday night Momma and the children left for their cruise so I had to run them around and that is why Thirsty Thursday was dropped this week.  I'll catch you this week.

I finished my scarecrow this weekend.  I am going to modify his perch in the garden by putting him on a pipe that will allow him to spin in the breeze.  For now he looks pretty good.  Every so often as I come out of the garage he startles me.  More like a scare-bushman.

The garden is doing well.  We haven't had much rain so I've had to be vigilant with the watering.

I'm not sure if I ever posted a pic of the entire wood wall once we finished it so here ya go!

My bird feeding line and my hammock where I watch them when I'm not dozing off !

I was at the dollar store looking for pinwheels for my scarecrow on Friday and I found these little garden bugs and this really cool pinwheel that has two wheels that spin in opposite directions.
I hung the little bugs from my patio umbrella with fishing line and they dance around in the wind all sparkly colorful.

I also picked up a couple Gerbera Daisies for the little planter on the patio table that my wife bought for me at the thrift store for a dollar.  The hummingbirds keep flying in on them which puts them about 3 feet from me when they do!

Another shot of the garden

I finished placing the rest of my leftover rocks on the new walkway around the garage.  This will be a nice brick paver walkway that connects to the patio out back one day.  (insert winning lotto ticket here)

 Other than just tinkering around all weekend and drinking huge volumes of beer it's been pretty quiet.  My next step in the landscape is to replace the posts under the deck so I can install the retaining wall under there.  I will slowly be adding in all the planting beds but not sure I will get too many plants in them this year.
I don't relish the thought of putting things on credit otherwise I would just pull a home loan and get it all done in one shot!  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Things are lookin pretty good, can see you have been busy. Hope you enjoy your quiet time as it goes by quick. You look like a proud homeowner:)

  2. Better a quick run than quick runs. More succinct. And much less messy.
    Great pictures, too.

  3. Dear Bushman,
    First off, thanks for your kind words over at my place as I tried to regain my footing on life. Still feel like I'm on a tight wire but at least I've got one of those long poles to help with the balance bit.

    Anyway...I have really enjoyed my visit of your place through these amazing photos. Talk about pride in one's place...gosh you really do look after your home and property mighty nicely. I can only imagine how proud you must be of your work...I'm pretty impressed. Pats on the back from me to you!

    I love the wood wall and can only imagine the labour of love that went into it - but come winter I know how much you (and your family) will enjoy your efforts in building it.

    Thanks for sharing these photos - you have a real sense of pride in your handiwork that comes through in the pictures. Dropping by today put a smile on my face, and for that I say "thanks".

    Cheers, Jenny

  4. I love reading your blog miss the fact you haven't been posting


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