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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bushman keeps on rolling!

You didn't think I was really done did you?  Of course not.  When I'm finally finished then I presume you will be at my funeral.  I can not stop improving, doing, tweaking or adjusting anything.
So what this time?
Well it started with the old camper.  I gutted it!

Now I have a trailer to haul stuff.  So I decided to go get a load of topsoil.
I put one yard in the trailer and one in the truck.
Brought all that back home and filled in my newly made planting beds and the area that is to be new lawn.

Seeded it and covered it with straw.

Then I made my way to town and picked up these guys!
Two big oakleaf hydrangeas, 3 hostas, 3 black eyed susan, 3 lilly turf, some Mums, and some groundcover sedum.

While I was out I filled the truck full of twice ground red pine mulch.

Then I went to work.

There will be more!  Unfortunately I always run out of money before I run out of ambition.

I also picked some more from the garden.  I put up another 6 qts. of tomatoes and have some left for another batch of salsa.

I suppose that's enough for one weekend.  Not sure what I am going to get into today but you'll find out soon enough!
Have a great Sunday!



  1. You amaze me every time I come to your new posts! You inspire the laziness in me.


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