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Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring on Labor Day

Hey! Happy Labor Day!
Once a year we don't have to go to work and what do I do?
Stay home and work!
Ugh!  Seriously I couldn't take anymore landscaping.  It took several tries to get out of bed this morning.  I ache all over and my hands are plagued by blisters, scratches and what appears to be brick chips.
I decided to do something a little more laid back today.  Or so I thought.
It started innocently enough with a pot of chili.
Then while that was simmering I headed out to the garden.  I came back with this.

There were also some bell peppers that didn't make the picture.
So what do you do with that many peppers?

Clean em, seed em and smoke em!
These guys are all in the smoker right now.  Once smoked I will dehydrate them and vac pack them into mason jars.  They last for years.  There is red and green jalapenos (chipolte) habanero, cherry hots and also some banana peppers.
Of course there were some leftovers that needed additional treatment.

The pint jars have banana peppers, cauliflower, onion, celery, carrot and garlic in them.
The quart jar is filled with jalapenos, lots of garlic and asparagus.

I was going to can some more tomatoes today but I think I'll have a beer and take a nap or take a nap then have a beer.

Have a great labor Day!


  1. Wow! Great garden treats. That chilly looks amazing... I think I'll make me some this week. What's your recipe?

  2. Mother Nature is good with colour, isn't she - and you are awesome at running with it and making some scrumptious sounding dishes. (canned and otherwise)

    I chuckled as I read your opening three lines...yes, when not at work, we make work for ourselves at home - but I think, secretly, you just love, love, love cooking and building stuff...oh, and gardening...and...and...and...the list goes on! :)


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