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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bushman gets serious

He wondered if it may ever come true.  All these lonley years.  The thought made him wriggle with joy and the comitment made him sour his face.
A lot was at stake.  No longer would he run free.  No longer would he think once and make his decision.  It was a done deal, or at least he hoped.
The email was sent.  He had comitted.  Not to the agency but to the only agency that held sway over him.  That was his his Father. 
He had not always been the Father that  he woud have liked but now many years later he was the father that he needed.  Older, wiser and full of the compassion that makes a man, a man.  Long gone are the days when he would puff his chest and shout out commands while the workforce scurried, long gone are the days when his voice commanded all.  It was just he and I.  Together we made a solemn pact to start and hopefully finish this reckoning.
I cried, alot that night.  I imagined he cried the next day.   With no hope to guide me I bid the night farewell and worried the sunrise.

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