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Thursday, November 22, 2012


I post this only so you remember!

All is quiet now.
Most have forgotten.
Time forever moves in it's endless destination

A month has passed
And still I cry
When shall my heart
Stop it's long sigh

Hurting on the inside
Yet I hide it so well
If only I could forget
And relinquish this hell

To forget is freedom
From the aches in my heart
To remember, tortures my soul
With what should have been.

Nonstop we travel
Through life everyday.
If we stop and think
The pain won't go away.

Please don't be upset
If I don't think of you everyday
It's just too hard
Getting through that way

I promise I will love you
Through the rest of my years
Daddy's little girl
remembered with tears

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  1. In light of not quite understanding the last post I went looking for clues - I had some thoughts about its meaning, but truthfully was not sure.

    Then, when I came back this post was up...I have written, then erased, and written again words to express the overwhelming sadness I feel when reading this...but today my words are failing me.

    The grief and heartache resonating off the page is powerful - yet so full of hurt and pain. It breaks my heart, and I cry along with you for your loss.

    I know words are not enough at times like this, so I hope you are receiving tight hugs from those within arms length.

    May courage and strength surround you, Jenny.


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