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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bushman just can't be quiet!

Have you ever just sat there and tried to figure out how to start your post? 
Rocking back and forth holding your mouse and then you begin to type and you realize that what you just put on the screen is how you started the last 14 posts.
Damn.  Backspace.

(I just backspaced three lines)

This sport can be tough sometimes.  I feel the urge to write but there is too much banging around in my head.

So I think I'll just recap my blogging career in 500 words or less.

Sounds tough but really if I just give you the cliff notes then it really won't take long.

Every time I open my blogger I see the page views.  Now I'm sure guys like "A Beer for the Shower" can get this many hits in one day but I was up to 31,364 page views.  That is not too shabby for a wannabe writer who only gets to play with his mind every so often.
I must confess and in the same breath, thank my loyal spam followers who seem to shower me with comments. 
Comments that read so well you would never know it was spam.  For example;

"I read your blog and would like it for me to read every time I shower daily with roses."


"I have checked your posteds and they confirm my ability to like you.  Please check out my site "Rejuvenation of the lower kind"


" After reading your insightful thoughts I have decided to act upon them thoroughly", this particular comment was laced to..This Post.

and my personal favorite

" Dear poster.  I like your write and you express you many the times my wife does with me"

Doesn't get much better than that folks! (and I wanna meet his wife)

I had a post entitled "How to build a duck boat blind"  that page alone was accountable for over 6000 page views.  Most of my spam comments as well.

I started blogging because I felt the need to write.  I was looking for an online journal of sorts and by the way I wasn't much of a computer guy before all the hub bub started.  I can't remember what exactly I had entered in the search window but  was rewarded with this site. Cowgirls Country Life

I had discovered something unique and special.  At first I didn't think I was capable of this but soon learned that this was called blogging.  (rug moves and bewildered fat guy emerges into the 21st century)  I read her blog top to bottom.  She was genuine, and honest and had some killer recipes.  She was already doing what I was looking for.  So in an attempt to not copy her style I began my own meager attempts at blogging.  My original blog was titled "The simple life".  I blogged about everything.  I mean everything.  I still do sort of.  Turns out someone else had this name and I didn't want to share so I changed it after a year or so. 

My main readers were my relatives and wife for a long time.  Eventually I picked up a few followers and made a few friends.  I have shared a lot of experiences on this site.  Shed a few tears on this keyboard as well.  I love to write and I can do that here and nobody judges.  Yet!

My biggest downfall is getting time to sit and write unobstructed.  There is so much to do all the time and with a mindful cluttering up the good synapses in my brain I  lose sight of the good stuff sometimes.  I know that isn't 500 words or less but your still reading anyways!

Winter is settling in here and soon there will be nought to do except explore the nether regions of.......seriously?  Pervert!  I was going to say my mind.  I'm thinking a few short stories this winter published right here on blogger.  Good or bad I don't really care too much as long as I'm writing.  My imagination is far too big for my head and it needs to spill once in awhile

Reading as well.  I sure need to read more.  Growing up I would read a book or two a week.  Stirring the mind frequently with a book is a great ingredient for creativity I have learned.

So there!  I was able to sit and type for awhile.  I want to thank all my followers.
Especially the ones who stick around.  I won't list them as I am working on an end of the year post and don't want to double up on the boredom you will soon be reading. 
I know there are some out there who read but never comment and I only know because my pops tells me so!  Thanks Uncle Elroy and Aunt Chris for hanging in there while I banter away.
I would like to think my other family members read as well through my Facebook links but I haven't heard and they don't comment if they do.  Hint Hint!
Commenters usually get Christmas gifts of deer sausage is the rumour!  Of course you would have to be crazy enough to give me your address!  Freak! 

I'll put up some pics of our Christmas tree later on.  We made a quick trip this year.  Kaitlin was just well enough to make the outing and the rain was moving in fast.  Not to mention the drought really put a beating on the fir trees we usually buy so we ended up with a blue spruce and they are easy to pick.  More to come.  Just had to speak for a bit.



  1. hey there buddy (((hugs)))

    I still catch a post occasionally, I just haven't had anything to say in awhile ;) It's abnormal for me to be silent for this long though and I've been thinking along similar lines myself. I need to write something. I'll be watching for yours.

  2. Some days I sit in front of the computer for quite a while before I think of what I want to say. I can relate.

    Thanks for following my blog; I'm following back. From what I've read so far, I think I'm going to like it here. :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. You know I'm a faithful follower. Even tho our blogs are very different I think we have a lot of stuff going on in our "nether regions" that we can converse on. Zombies for one thing! Can't wait to see what stuff spills out of your brain over the winter!

  4. I hate people that read and don't comment. You put all that work into a post and someone spends time reading it, why not discuss what you thought?
    I look forward to the end of the world post.

  5. How I Do It (Writing, not the other thing): What I like about writing is that I usually start off with an idea of what I want to say. Then, as I start going, the idea sometimes gets completely changed around (which is why usually don't write an outline first). Jokes/lines that I wanted to put down get swapped with other things as my post takes shape. When finished, I see that it has usually taken a different form than intended. And quite often, if my major original point is even there, it could very well be pretty minor. That's what I like about writing. It's creating and molding a new kind of "life."
    I'm like the Dr. Frankenstein of the written word that way.
    And so far the villagers haven't attacked my house with pitchforks and torches because of my creations.
    So far.

  6. Oh, I forgot. And this month, I've decided to write a post based on a comment I wrote to Hospitable Scots Bachelor about Starbucks. As I read it, I realized that I could make a post about what I said to him. Expect it shortly after the first of the year (if you're interested).
    That's how Penwasser Place happens.


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