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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Tree Day is Here!

The sun, hidden behind the overcast skies, cast a grey shadow upon the landscape.  The muted white snow stood out in stark contrast to the deep tones of the evergreen boughs.  Tiny little needles reached high, bursting through the snow as if to breathe. 
The quiet of the morning was peaceful and the softness of the fresh fallen snow comforted the man as he gazed upon the trees.
The snow squeaked underfoot and his footsteps were the first to break the wholeness of nature's blanket.  He moved slowly, afraid to break the silence, unwilling to compromise the fraility of the moment.  A blue jay screeched and did it for him.  He laughed out loud and the sound of his happiness echoed through the silent rolling countryside. 
"Lets go kids", he hollered. 
The rest of the family fell in behind him as they busted through the snow searching for the elusive perfect Christmas tree.

It's here!  Christmas tree day!  I love heading out for the annual cutting of our tree. 
There is no snow this year but if I close my eyes and let my mind walk then there is always snow!

I hope your Christmas tree day is a memorable moment and I hope my children will take their children just as I have them and my parents with me.

Merry Christmas Season!


  1. I have a nice but fake tree this year

  2. Ah...it's here! Yeah! I can't wait to see what comes home with you and your family from this outing.

    What a beautiful and visual start to this post...I so enjoy your words and how they are woven together to create the visual and the mood of the moment...and past moments. Just great!

    With warm smiles, Jenny

    1. PS - I meant to add that I like your new look...the snow covered trees really add to the feel of Christmas being in the air. :)

  3. Watch out for Manbearpig, he loves to hide in potential Christmas trees.

  4. I'm with Adam. I stick with my fake tree. It's just easier. I'll admit I'm not man enough to go out and cut down my own.

    1. it will be less manly for you then when you hear that our daughter usually is the one that climbs underneath the choosen tree and saws it down. This year sadly Jeff had to since, she is just getting over being really sick.

  5. Sadly, because of the construction, there will be no Christmas Tree Day at the Penwasser house this year.
    Our tree will sit in a bag in the basement for another 12 months.
    Okay, so it's artificial (the tree, not the basement).
    Call us traditionalists.


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