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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bushman Celebrates Spring!

What a beautiful day! 
A high of 54 degrees and sunshine!  I couldn't be happier!

I planted my seeds this morning.  I started by using the old table out of my camper.  Setting it up with what I would need so everything was at my fingertips.

I poured a generous amount of seed starting soil into the tray on the left and filled my 6 cell trays right in it.  Kept all the soil in one tray.  Once filled to the appropriate depth I moved it over to the second tray and watered it.  You need moist soil for seed starting.  Then I would adjust the depth of soil in the cells per each vegetable.  Some are planted only a 1/4" deep and others a full inch. 
I put at least two seeds in every cell.  If they both germinate then I'll simply snip one with scissors later on.  After placing the seeds I cover them with more soil and water again.  Label and place in the greenhouse.
This went on for several hours.  Finally, with my back screaming from sitting in a chair so long, I was finished.

I turned on the thermostat and the lights and adjusted the heater and closed the front flap of the greenhouse.
The greenhouse is now resting comfortably at a balmy 85 degrees.  I'll adjust the temp once everything has stabilized.  I want my soil temps to be around 75 degrees.

I'm pretty happy with my set up so far.  108 plants ready to start growing.

With that finished I headed upstairs for brunch.  What do you eat at 11:30 when you haven't had breakfast?  Hash browns and eggs and then a bowl of vegetable soup!

Then I went outside and cleaned the entire backyard with the backpack blower.  I was mostly after the dog poo but it is great to blow all that air through the lawn.  Stands it back up, blows the leaves, sticks and poo out of it.
I also had a tree that I had cut down over the winter and never finished cutting it up because it got snowed in.  I worked on that a bit.  Burning up some of the small branches and cutting some more firewood out of it. 
It was a good day.  I'm happy again!
I've got some skinless, boneless chicken thighs marinating in a Hawaiian Luau marinade right now.  Soon they will hit the grill!
Bring on the summer, I'm ready!


  1. Okay...I'm signed up for the A-Z, your turn!

    I'll be back to leave a more detailed message...I'm stepping out to buy a blender! hahahaha - getting ready for late night posting duty!

  2. Just stopping by from the a-z blog challenge. I envy those who have a green thumb. I tried a little seed planting project with my little girl, it didn't turn out so well. But I'll try again and see where it goes.

    Have fun with the blog challenge.


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