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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bring on the Seedlings

Hey there!
How ya doing?

Yep me too!

Just a quick update on my garden beginings.
I have constructed my seed starting greenhouse.

Moved it indoors.  Then took it apart because it wouldn't fit through the door to the computer room.
(rookie mistake)  I didn't realize the closet wall stuck out so far and so close to the door!

Seeds arrived today.  I have everything I need so far.  One more 4 ft. flourescent light would be nice.  My 4th one only has one working bulb.  I don't know what is wrong with it.  I even took it apart and looked for obvious defects.  Nothing.  I have one more 4 footer but then Momma would have to do laundry in the dark.  After my initial confiscation she now does laundry in the dim!

I'm running a heat test right now.  I have a small electric heater/fan in the greenhouse and I'm just running a few tests to see how well it stays at the correct temperature.  Soil temperature makes a huge diffrence.  For exaple:
A pepper plant seed planted in soil that is 60 degrees takes 25 days to germinate.  The same seed planted in 77 degree soil only takes 8 days to germinate. 

Once the seeds have germinated and have their first set of true leaves I can turn the heat down a bit and as they grow slowly lower the temps.

On the plus side it keeps my computer room warm as well.  Even with it wrapped in  plastic the heat transfers.

Not shown is the front piece of plastic.  I need to get in and out of this to water and shuffle plants around so I stapled a piece of plastic to the top and then rolled up a mop handle in the bottom and zip tied it.  When I want to get in I just roll up the front like a poster and lay it on top.  Simply unroll it to the floor when finished.  I have a couple binder clips on the sides to seal them up.

Tomorrow I will start the seeds.


  1. Man, are you ever devoted - I wished I lived closer because I'd be on the list of those that buy from you! Amazing.

    I read the last post, sorry for not leaving a comment there...got distracted and forgot to come back...damn, life needs to stop getting in my way. :)

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. You are amazing! I love this time of year cause I get to see you in all of your wonder! Go spring and gardening.


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