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Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Kevin Bacon

Hey there!  I'm a little late today.  Didn't get my post written last night because my computer was confiscated by my wife so she could finish her work from......work.  When she was done (and she types fast) I was too sleepy to make words.  I thought about slapping up a re post from last years challenge but instead decided to make you wait.

I must say this year's challenge has been kinda weird for me.  Doesn't feel like I'm really into it.  More like a chore at times.  Although once I get a few words out it all seems to make sense, for awhile anyways. 
It's like being sick.  You run for the bathroom and bow to the toilet and after a few regurgitating burps, a cold drink of water (still tastes like batteries) you begin to feel better...momentarily that is.  Next thing you know your running for the bathroom again.

I don't even remember what last years P post was about.  Probably not good enough to regurgitate anyways.  I'll look when I'm done scribbling here.

My entire reason for not wanting to join up this year was because I was supposed to be busy with my garden and yard and everything outdoors.  I didn't want to be tied to the computer.  Then I thought,  I'll use my activities outside for my challenge.  I don't have to worry about the letter.  My crazy mind can tie anything together.  Like the Kevin Bacon syndrome. 

 A few years ago, a fairly popular party game was called "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". The aim was to link Kevin Bacon to any other actor, via shared movies or co-stars. For example, Kevin Bacon has never worked with Harrison Ford in a movie. But Kevin Bacon and Lawrence Fishburne were co-stars in the movie, Quicksilver - that's one link. Fishburne and Sean Connery worked together in the movie, Just Close - that's the second link. And Connery and Harrison Ford worked together in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - and so Ford and Kevin Bacon are only three links apart.

Now this might seem totally useless and a complete waste of time, but a few scientists have had a close look at this phenomenon of linking - and the information they discovered could reduce sexually-transmitted diseases, and improve your cell phone reception.

So here is what I'll do. I'll Bing some P words and just pick a random one and tie it to my activities.



fiery liquor; inferior whiskey; moonshine. : This popskull will burn a hole in you.

Yeah that is a tough one but I'll play fair.  It works out anyways after a moments thought.

Over the winter I was cutting and splitting a lot of wood.  Said wood piled up in yard.  I just finished stacking the last of it Tuesday night and finished raking up the wood chips and debris that was left over from the splitting process.  In the middle of the pile of splits I found an almost empty quart jar.
It had a brownish fluid in the bottom of it.  I laughed and retrieved the jar and also a few beer cans that were tossed in there as well.  You see over the winter a friend had come over to pick up some wood to heat his home and we got to drinking beers and I made a trip into the garage to retrieve some "Apple Pie".  Which is made from home distilled grains, if you get my drift.  Rice whiskey to be exact.  Mixed with apple cider, apple juice, sugar and cinnamon sticks to kill the ferocious burn of the popskull.  We finished it off and tossed it in the wood pile which was covered up by snow that night, lost until spring.

Not that hard.

Back to my point.  It has been raining, snowing, blowing and downright nasty weather.  I haven't been able to get anything done.  Well almost.  I have done a few things but not enough to keep me posting everyday so the blog is losing air faster than a bicycle tire with a fat kid riding it.  Now you know why your getting this post.  P is for Progress.  Ain't none o' that shit going on around here!

Popskull cheers!-Bushman


  1. Ha! I'm right there with you. Have been slacking off these past few days. Haven't caught up with everything, but getting there slowly.

    J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit

  2. I don't know. I couldn't get past......bacon....hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. I had to google 'popskull' because my rather useless built-in Mac Dictionary was, well, useless!

    Better late then never I always say! - Except in my office... then it's better never than late! I say to folks death is about the only excuse for showing up late! hahaha

    Well you're a bigger man than I am (I do wield a mean hammer, remember) as I have cheated already with hauling out a past post - but in fairness it was from 2011 and I had all of 6 followers - 5 of which were forced into the role! Not many had read it - so it was a safe bet to throw it out there again!

    Now I want a bacon and tomato sandwich... off I go in search...


  4. I love playing the whole 6 degrees of separation. Popskull huh. That's a new one. I love this challenge but I'm slowly losing steam.

  5. What a fun and creative way to press on with "P's!"



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