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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Q is Wood for Sale

The rain has been relentless.  Everything is soaked and the fields are flooded.  The river next to the house has overflowed its banks.  Today was humid as heck and warm, about 70 degrees.  It was kinda nice because it reminded you of summer a bit.  I was talking with a guy at work and I told him, "Ya know in two months this will feel cold."  We both laughed at the thought.

I arrived home from work to find my rack of wood empty.  It had been sitting in the rain since Sunday. (4 days)  I had a piece of plywood covering the top but we had some Forest Gump rain so it was all wet.  Someone bought it anyways.  I don't think I've discussed my wood rack with you all.  I built a rack 4 feet long and two feet high.  I put it out to the road and filled it with firewood.  I add some extra on top.  I'm not stingy.  I put a sign up, "For Sale $15". 
I've sold quite a bit.  ( does that q word count?)  This person must like wet wood because they put  $20 in the coffee can that is nailed to the rack.  Big tippers I call em!
I've sold probaby 8-10 racks so far.

So I filled the rack back up with some dry stuff from my stacks out back and even put a cover over the whole thing so it stays dry.  As I was about to walk back to the house I heard some ducks fly over.  Those little bastards had the audacity to make fun of me outside in the rain stacking wood.  They kept calling me a quack....quack.....quack!


  1. Hahaha! Feathered friends are always making noise, aren't they?!
    It's been none stop here too. The road to work this morning was almost flooded but stepped on it and floated through.
    So you do the old trust method, eh? Nailed down coffee can; good for you and I'm glad that you are getting some honest people your way. They are so few of them these days.
    Stay dry!

  2. Dani has said it all beautifully - may I ditto her!

    I did laugh out loud when I got to the end also.
    As to the honour system - that really put a smile on my face.

    Fun post!


  3. I took a quick peek through your last three posts and I like your style - creative, indeed.

    I wish we could all be as trusting as you and your wood are!

    Cheers from Brandy at brandysbustlings.blogspot.ca

  4. Sorry you had so much flooding. Glad you could laugh about it, and tie it all up with a surprise ending!


  5. Great post! I didn't see the "Q" coming at all!


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