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Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for bitchy broads!

What a gorgeous day! 
Someone I know skipped out of work early to come home and play with his yard.
All this bad weather has got me so far behind in my outdoor chores.  So I worked till 1:30,( 7 out of 10 hours isn't bad) and headed home.
First thing I did was to finish stacking the wood I split this weekend.  Over the winter I had burned a portion of my garden wall and needed to replenish it so the critters didn't get in the garden.  I hauled 6 wagon loads behind my lawn tractor and "patched" in my wall.
Then I started a fire to burn some brush and then turned over the garden one more time.
Then I got the deck on the lawn mower and mowed the backyard.
Cleaned up some more brush and tidied up around the shed.  It gets to be a collect all during the winter.
Grabbed the laptop and headed for the patio to enjoy a cold beer and some blogging.
Of course I was rewarded with my first "Snarky" comment and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut on the reply.
I mean R is for crazy and it was just for fun. 
I suppose if Obama does control wood futures in Canada then were all in trouble.

My dogs are loving the weather and being outside.  They like to roll around in the fresh cut grass, run and fetch the ball.  They are like kids acting all silly.  It's refreshing to see how happy they are.  Contagious I tell you!

The seedlings are doing great.  I am ready to start transplanting them to bigger grow containers.  Three more weeks and they will be in the garden.  I have a ton of work to do but I'll get there.

The Sedum I planted in the flower beds last year is beginning to show signs of new growth.  First of the year.
The Lilly turf took a bit of a hit this winter.  I think maybe some dogs may have peed on them.  Time will tell.

That's all I got for now.  Sorry for the late post.  I was busy yesterday taking a day off!



  1. Haha! That snarky comment had me scratching my head myself. I wanted to say something but it wasnt my post to defend, though I wanted to. If people couldn't see that you are 50% "tongue-in-cheek" and about 80% dedication. (Yeah, yeah my math ain't so great either but I think it's correct.) I'm quite interested in your reply to her... But I will let my imagination run wild.
    Glad you left early and got a lot done. Don't you just love those days!?

  2. Play with your yard?
    Well, THAT'S a euphemism I've never heard.

  3. I just had to go back and read that snarky comment. Huh? What part of satire does that woman not get? I work in a Special Ed class, too, but still have a sense of humor (I hope you can see that). Part of our job is selling cookies. The code phrase we use to identify someone who should be part of our class is that they'd be good "selling cookies."
    She'd be good selling cookies.
    Geez-a-lou, it must be hard to sit down with that stick up her ass.

    1. LOL!
      Al your posts are not showing up on my reader are you still in the game? Last one I have is Q from you!

    2. Pat Hatt from Rhyme Time said the same thing. My, that's disturbing. My 'R' was "Russia,' my 'S' was 'Sea Slug Sex,' and my 'T' was 'Titanic.'
      That's weird.
      Oh, tomorrow will be 'U' for 'Underwear.'

  4. Go Dani and Al - we got your back Bushman!
    I read that comment too and join Dani in the head scratching - I thought Al would be joining us with some scratching too...eh, Al - anyway - we all get those comment that make us wonder if the world is flat after all - nothing new!!

    You're handling of it, in this post is bang on - turn it over in the soil! Anyway... I'm glad your garden is getting some TLC because we are all looking forward to the fruits of your labour - along with the how-to instructions.

    Also, sorry I'm late to the commenting party - lost my way today. (busy driving mother around) :) :)

    1. That woman sounds like a...something which rhymes with 'punt.'

    2. Gee, Al - you've lost me! :P :P
      Is it football season already - I think we could do a little drop kicking... to clear Bushman's field - what'da think...

    3. It's baseball season.
      Hey, THAT doesn't make sense.


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