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Monday, April 22, 2013

T is for Slacker

So I've been looking for a cheat and get an easy post in and I finally got one.
Last year my T post just happend to be gardening related.  Here ya go!

T is for Tomato

Later Gator!


  1. At least you are being resourceful!

  2. I am a hit and miss gardener, but if I plant anything it is tomatoes. Some years we get to eat them, others something else does.

    Happy T day!

  3. This is why repost are great - I missed that one, Bushman - and it was worth the read. I enjoy the way your passion comes through in your words - I almost can feel myself standing at the edge of that garden (of course on the right side of the chicken wire - wouldn't want to step on anything) and see those tomatoes, red, ripe and tempting - makes me want to reach into my screen and pluck one.

    What a great "T" post - no slacking with this one, I call it ingenuity at its best!

    Onward to "U"... could it be all about the dogs... Knowing "U" we are in for a treat! :)

  4. I did the same thing for 'L' for 'Lazy.'
    Enjoy the break.

    1. I'm recycling an old "U" (beats and old "ME")- because I really can't top the awesomeness of my 2011 "U" post - hahahah - man, I really need to lay off those little plants I'm growing in the garden... :P


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