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Thursday, April 25, 2013

W is for Goerge

Where has all the time went to?  One moment we are posting our A post and the next we are at W.
I wonder how many George W Bush posts there will be?

Or how many on Words ?

Washing, waxing, wishing and waiting,
All of these words I'm anticipating.

Working, wasting
walking or whaling.
The W words have pulled anchor
and set sailing

Lets cut out the verbs and skip to some nouns

Warrior, winter,
well and wort
if these aren't nouns than take me to court

Whistle, water
and wiry wigs too
just some W nouns to name a few!

Then there are the fun ones,
like whizz and whew
and WHAMO from a Batman comic or two!

Well I'm afraid my wishful poetry is thru
I'm sure there's more but I'd have to Google 'em for you.
With a wavering voice and a woeful heart
I'm outta here
like a wafting fart!

Wicked rhymes,


  1. Bahahaha! Wafting fart! OMG! I literaly LOL'd.
    Great poem Bushman!

  2. LOL! Fun poem... :) Happy W day!

  3. You are wealy getting in the gwoove with this poetwy stuff... Wealy, Wealy, good Work! :) :P

    It was late when I read this on my iPhone and laughed when I saw that pic of GW - I wondered what he was up to these days.

    Gweat "W" post!


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