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Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for WTF?

This letter is a pain in the ass.  I have searched high and low and  little bit lower than low to find something good to write about.  I had a great idea but failed to follow through with it.  Of course no one is ever home in this house except me and I needed help with getting the pictures for the post.  Maybe next year!
I did find an X word.  I take that back, my older brother Bill did.  We like to chat on Saturday and Sunday mornings via his phone and my Facebook messenger and I mentioned I needed an X word so he found one for me.

xylopolist 1. One who sells timber; a timber-merchant. 2. A dealer in wooden objects or one who sells various kinds of wood or wooden objects.

I'm guessing wood seller just wasn't good enough.  I mean really where do they get these words from?
I can make up words too.

Definition :  When two lazy dogs lay on a couch all day.

Seriously though who would have thought that there was a word for what I have been doing a lot of lately.  Actually not that there is just a word but one that begins with X.  Bonus!

So I can tell my friends when they ask what I'm doing this week that I'm just gonna do a little bit of xylopoly.  I should probably look that up.  Make sure its not a word that means one who likes anal probing or something like that.  Huh it actually means to sell wood.  Weird. 

That's all you get from me today.  I'm off to play with my wood errr.....timber!



  1. Have fun playing with your wood Lol good one :) or do whatever xylopolists do ....

  2. Nice to know there is a name for ya! ;) Happy X day...

  3. That is weird. Looks like luck rolled your way. Sorry no one was around to pix. Hopefully it was nothing x-rated. Haha. Have fun xylopolying... hopefully that's a word.

  4. Stopping by for AtoZ. I too found X a troublesome letter. Xylopoly, who knew?


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