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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Y is for the way Grandma answers the phone

If you were to ever call my Grandma she would answer the phone the same way.  Even if you called 50 times it would always be, "Yellow".  Draw the Y out a little bit and you got it!

I love the color Y especially when it's mixed with some ellow.

Flowers are my favorite!

This year I will have some pineapple tomatoes in the garden and they are yellow when ripe.

Yellow chics are good, especially with BBQ sauce (oh yes I did)

Have you ever heard of blue balls?  Well apparently there are yellow ones too!

I'm so bright my Dad calls me son!

Sometimes I get these from my wife when I drink too many beers.

And sometimes yellow dogs swim in green pools with brown dogs

Of course there is a reason why rain coats are yellow!

I'm not sure but I think bikinis can be yellow

Of course you can always go to the shop and buy some yellow

I wonder how long it takes this guy's car to start turning brown?

Such a popular color they even write books on it.

If you ever need a place to live you can always stay here cuz we all live in a

It's been a long time since I had drivers' training but I think this means hammer down slowpoke

and lastly on my tribute to yellow the all important....

Yellow and goodbye

couldn't resist


  1. You made my morning, even before coffee. Giggled out loud!
    It was hard to choose but my favorite has to be your grandmother's yellow.

    The groan was the "reason why raincoats are yellow." Okay I admit it I smiled out loud.

    My question is, "Do you really bar-b-q little chicks?"

  2. OMG!! Bahahahaha! So funny. What a great tribute to Yellow. My grandpa answers his phone like that sometimes too. Love the yellow light bit, it's so true.

  3. OK, Lyn already asked about the yellow chick. I guess I am going to be satisfied yellow raincoat ;)

  4. :) What a happy post. I am assuming those chicks are no longer yellow when you add BBQ sauce...

  5. That was worth dragging my sorry head out of bed for... I smiled and laughed and giggled right to the end.

    Right after bright green yellow is my all time favourite colour - had a dress, back in grade four... ahhh... the fond memories of yellow and green. I might have to do a post about it... since you've stirred the yellow in my mind.

    As always...wonderful and fun. Thanks!


  6. This post was hilarious. Thanks for the giggle. And congrats on completing a-z.


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