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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for laZy

Here we are at the end of our journey.  The last day of April and the last letter of the alphabet.
I remember last year at the end of the trip I swore I wasn't doing it again.  Then this year came.  I don't mind posting everyday.  It always seems like your going to force it until you sit down and start ripping away at the keyboard. 
I don't spend anytime researching topics (as you can tell) I just let them come to me.  Sometimes they don't.  Those are the really long posts.  I have to keep jabbering away until the link makes itself known.

I love poetry.  I could do everything as a poem, a limerick or jingle!  You should here my pops when he starts in on his limericks.  He has a never ending supply.  It makes me laugh.  I really need to write them down so I can tell my grand kids when they are at deer camp!
Some I remember the beginning but not the end.  For instance when someone says the word "what" you reply,
" What, What chicken butt, two bits a pound, rolled round, wanna buy some?"  There is more butt I never remember.

"The man from Nantucket"
"Susie Q pulled out a few"
"Little Jack Horner"  (the perverted version)

The list goes on and on.

I'm only rambling right now because I'm having difficulty with a Z word popping into this post.
I would keep typing away but you know this is the last day and I'm getting pretty laZy.

How's that?  I cheat!

I'm outta here!  See ya in a week or a day or whenever I feel like posting some more nonsense.
Cheers to all the A to Zer's that made it through.



  1. Congratulations, Bushman - I've enjoyed my journey through the alphabet with you - it was easier than I thought and lots of fun.

    See you shortly because it's gardening season and I expect to 'read' all about it right here!


  2. Lazy works for me.

  3. Lazy works for me too! I'm feeling it for sure but the blogging must continue as always. This A to Z with you made it enjoyable. You never fail me!

  4. Great challenge son, never had my doubts that you would make it to the end. Enjoyed every letter. I am looking forward to your gardening posts as i know a few of your followers are anxiously doing the same. See you in july for some fresh veggies. Love ya.Pops

  5. I have really enjoyed your posts--they are fun to read. Glad you made it to the end of the challenge!


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