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Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden update

Just wanted to pop in real quick and update the progress of the garden.  I've been a busy little bee trying to get all these garden things done and working my real job (the crappy one). 
It's Friday night about a quarter to 9.  We just wolfed down a quick dinner of BLTs.  Kaitlin had a soccer game tonight so we headed to that right after work.  After that we went to the Sprint store because we were eligible for free upgrades.  I now have an Apple I Phone 4 which is much better than my old rotary dial cell phone.

I have about 15 minutes to post this, move my veggies that have been outside all day basking in the sunshine and get my arse in bed.  I have to work tomorrow as well.  On a Saturday at that. 50 hours already and counting.  I'm tired.

I've spent the week working on my planting boxes.
I started building new raised beds this year out of wood I salvaged from work.  Free of course (I'll always be a tightwad with money)

They are about 42 inches each side.

So I made a bunch of them over the last few weeks.
I placed them in the garden

Then I built cold frames to cover the top. 
I started with 1/2" pvc and some 1'' black tubing.
I screwed the black tubing to the inside corners of the boxes and bent the pvc into hoops and inserted them into the black tubing.

I put one on each end and then put three supports across the middle joining the two end hoops.  Then I covered them with clear plastic.  Making a mini green house of sorts.

I also had a load of topsoil blended with compost delivered yesterday.  Here is the truck getting ready to pull in the drive.

The boys really wanted to climb on the pile!

This weekend I plan on getting a bunch of veggies planted.  I will keep you posted!


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  1. there is a guy in Charlotte who loves to hear his beer tops pop, with his two kids behind him their tails just a waggin their off to the garden where he is Tops. Nice job son on your creation in the garden. Love ya Pops


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