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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Beautiful Day for Gardening!

Hello there!
What a gorgeous day we had here.  Around 70 with a nice breeze and full sunshine.
I spent the whole day outside.

Well most of it.  I started out with a trip to Lowe's for some irrigation parts and then I went grocery shopping and returned some movies and then I came home and made breakfast. 

Then I went outside!

My last post gave you an insight into how I built my boxes.  Today I will show you how I get them planted and irrigated!

I start off by standing all the boxes on their sides and dig a trench that will run just inside the edge of the box.

Then I lay my 1/4" line in the trench.  At the middle of each box I cut the line and insert  T fitting.  I connect a short run of line to the T and it will run up into the box.  The end of the line just runs up into the last box.  No need for a T fitting.

Then I fill in the trench and flip the boxes over.  I fill them up with topsoil.  The covers are designed so that I can roll them up and have access to the plants.

Then I cover them with landscape fabric.  I went with the heavy duty fabric because these are permanent.  I use a staple gun to staple it to the inside edge of the box.

You can see the irrigation tubing laying on top of the fabric.  The pink line is just a string.  I use it to make sure my boxes are perfectly in line with each other.  They are spaced 22.5 inches apart.  That is the exact dimension of the wheels on my push mower.  I am planting grass seed in between all the boxes.  No more weeding in between.

Tomato Town is up and running!

Of course I also cut my lawn!  This was all on Saturday!  Sunday I did even more but you'll have to wait for the next post.  It's time for a beer and then dinner!


PS. I have a new I phone now and it takes sweet pics so feel free to click on them and blow them up for more detail.


  1. Lovely garden! What a great idea with the irrigation.

  2. As I said, in my post today, you are a "gardener extraordinaire" - I am wowed!
    I've been reading, Bushman, I'm sorry I'm not always quick on the commenting. With this head thing I have to make choices - reading trumps commenting right now - but, I really wanted you to know I'm here visiting, reading and really enjoying your gardening posts. (I smiled when I read Pop's' comment on the last post)

    Truth is I wished you and your lovely wife needed a vacation - destination... my garden! (you'd have to till and work while your lovely wife and I play tourists) :) :) :P Ah... my sense of humour is still intact, eh!!

    I'm looking forward to your next post... and the photos are awesome, so glad you've got that new phone (same as mine - I love the camera). I still use my Canon for my outings, but the iPhone is hard to beat.

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. You post the most indepth gardening and landscaping posts ever! I am proud of all the great things you do. i don't think I have it in me to build something like this. Maybe one day I will try but until then I will enjoy "watching" you do all the hard work!

  4. Only one beer? All the work you do deserves a couple. Or several.

  5. You definitely spend so much quality time in your garden. Well, I can't blame you; gardening is a really fun activity. Anyway, irrigation is one factor in gardening that I found somhow difficult. How I wish I have the same skill as you have so I can install my own irrigation system. But I'm still happy with my sprinkler. -Juliane Knoll @ HKDunnIrrigation.com


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